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What are magic truffles?

In the world, there are hundreds of different kinds of magic truffles. Magic truffles grow in the fungal threads that are created in the mycelium. The mycelium grows underground and gives during certain climate events fruits: the mushroom. If the mushrooms do not sprout the fungal network sets up a storage ration. The storage, which is full of nutrients is called the sclerotia. This is known as the truffle. If the mycelium normally grows magic mushrooms, and they won’t sprout, the psychoactive substance will be stored in the truffle. The psychoactive substances make sure you will get hallucinations or are used for psychological purposes.

What are the effects of magic truffles?

Magic truffles are known to cause hallucinations, visual effects, and laughing kicks. Depending on the kind of magic truffle you consume you will experience different kinds of trips. If you use for example a very strong truffle, such as the Nirwana magic truffle, or a mild truffle you will experience a different kind of trip. A trip of magic truffles takes up to eight hours and kicks in after 45 minutes. We strongly recommend using beginner truffles if you have never used truffles. This way you can prevent a very intense bad trip.

The magic truffles will be converted in the stomach in the psychoactive substance psilocin. Psilocin is the substance that will cause a trip. The psilocin reacts to the serotonin which causes the visual effects of the magic mushroom. A trip of this kind of truffle takes a very long time. This is also the reason you can best use small amounts of magic truffles. You can consume more magic truffle if you do not experience the visuals you would like.

How to dose magic truffles?

The trip is mostly dependent on how much magic truffle you consume. Other factors can affect the trip as well. These are factors such as the amount you have eaten, experience, and bodyweight. There is however a guideline that you could use to know what kind of intensity of the trip you want to have.

  • Light Trip: Do you want a light trip? Start with five to seven grams of fresh truffles
  • Mild trip: Use ten grams if you want a more intense trip. If you feel like it is very mild or even light, please consume more truffles
  • Heavy trip: Do you want a heavy trip? Consume 15 grams of magic truffles. This if for most truffle the maximum amount you can use.

How to consume magic truffles?

The best-known way to consume magic truffle is by eating them. When eating magic truffles it is very important to chew as long as possible. As you chew on the truffle for a very long time it is easier for your body to break down the truffle.

The other way to consume magic truffles is to make tea out of your magic truffles. When making tea the water mustn’t rise above 70 degrees Celsius. The psychoactive substances in the truffle break down above 70 degrees Celsius. When adding about 10 to 15 grams of magic truffles wait for 20 minutes and your tea is ready to drink!

How to store magic truffles?

All of our magic truffles are vacuum packed. When receiving your magic truffles please store them in the fridge. The temperature of the fridge should be about two to four degrees Celsius. If you store the magic truffles for a long time in the fridge, always check the expiration date of the magic truffle. The best way to consume magic truffles is to consume them as fast as possible when receiving the order.

How to prepare for a magic truffle trip?

You are going to use magic truffles. As a trip could be quite intense, you have to make sure you are in a comfortable and trusted environment. It is very important to be relaxed when you are going to use magic truffle. When you are not relaxed and a trip gets too intense, there is a chance you will experience a bad trip. When you are on a bad trip you could use a trip stopper. This could help you to decrease the intensity of the trip. You can also ask a friend if he or she stays sober when you are going to use magic truffles. He or she can comfort you when you are on a bad trip.

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