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Be prepared to experience some intense trips. Explore the world of magic truffles and mushrooms and lastly explore yourself so you can get some new insights about life. Our store is full of different species of magic truffles and mushrooms. We have growkits so you can grow magic mushrooms and we have various kinds of magic truffles that are ready to buy. Be ready to become a psychonaut and explore life and get some new insights about yourself and life.

Magical mushrooms

With our growkits you can easily grow various kinds of magic mushrooms. We have beginner mushrooms such as the Thai magic mushroom and very strong magic mushrooms such as the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms. Growing your magic mushrooms is very easy. In only two weeks you can enjoy your magic mushrooms. We have a wide variety of different kinds of magic mushrooms so you can find something that fits your needs.

Our growkit can be used up to five times. This means you can harvest magic mushrooms up to five times which could even lead up to a total yield of 2,5 kilos of fresh magic mushrooms. This is mostly dependent on which magic mushroom you choose and if you work hygienically. Always try to prevent contamination so use gloves and a mouth mask when working with your magic mushroom growkit. The truffles in our magic shop are already grown. This means you can consume them immediately after receiving your order.

Magic truffles

Truffles are known for the psychoactive substance psilocybin. This is the substance that will make you trip. You’ll experience visual effects and you could even get hallucinations. Magic truffles are mostly a bit stronger than magic mushrooms. You can order your magic truffles online on our webshop! The truffle a storage room in the mycelium during a situation where mushrooms can’t shoot. As it is the storage for next season, it also stores more psilocybin. This substance will make your trip. When using magic truffles it is very important to feel relaxed. When you feel more relaxed you can experience a better trip.

The amount you can use for a trip is mostly dependent on your experience. For most magic truffles a dose of five to ten grams is enough. Always use a small amount when you try a new magic truffle for the first time. This makes sure that you won’t experience an unwanted intense trip. A trip with magic truffles is the same as with magic mushrooms: up to eight hours. The first effects kick in after about 45 minutes after consumption. You can make magic truffle tea but you can also eat the magic truffles. Try to chew as long as possible on the truffle to make sure your body can break down the truffle faster and easier.

How to prepare for magic truffles or mushrooms?

It is very important for all of our products in the magic shop that you feel relaxed. You should feel relaxed and you are in a safe space with for example friends. If you have never experienced a trip with magic truffles or mushrooms don’t try out the strongest species. This will cause a bad trip. In the unfortunate event of having a bad trip, you can use a trip stopper. This could help you to decrease the intensity of the trip. Another way is to ask a friend if he or she stays sober. He or she can comfort you that everything will be okay. Always be prepared that a trip will take hours. Make sure you have water and some food near you. This will prevent dehydration or extreme hunger. 

Microdosing with magic truffles

Did you know that you can microdose magic truffles? When you microdose you consume small amounts of psychoactive substances such as magic truffles. The amount you consume is so small that you can’t hallucinate or experience other visual effects. However, you do consume enough to experience the positive effects of the magic truffles. For example, you will feel more productive, more energetic and you can solve problems more easily. Therefore is microdosing the perfect way to get more successful in your life. Our psilocybin truffles are vacuum packed and weighed out. This means you will always consume the right amount of psilocybin truffles

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