Magic Truffles Guide

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The magic truffle guide

Magic truffles are very fun to use. The truffles give you hallucinations and fun hallucinations. This guide will help you to prepare yourself for a magic trip with magic truffles. Doctor Growkit gives you tips to make sure your trip will be fun, intense, and insightful!

The effects of magic truffles

Truffles will give you hallucinations. You will get some great laughing kicks and visions. This could help you to get some new insights into life or have a very fun evening with friends. Make always sure you are in a comfortable room in which you feel safe. This makes sure you decrease the chance of having a bad trip. The trip takes up to six hours and the first effects should kick in after 45 minutes. During this time will active substance psilocybin will be turned into psilocin in your body.

How do I dose magic truffles?

There are various amounts you can use to experience visual effects. The intensity of the trip is mostly dependent on the type of truffle you take. These amounts are a guideline that could help you to find the right amount for an intense trip.

• Mild effects: 5 grams
• Mild to strong effects: 10 grams
• Extreme effects: 15 grams
• Out of body experiences 15 to 25 grams

How often can I consume magic truffles?

Magic truffles have great effects, but daily consumption is not possible. The reason for this is that the effect of the magic truffles will decrease. You quickly build up a tolerance for psychedelic substances. This reduces the effects of magic truffles. That means that you have to eat a lot more truffles on the second day for it to affect. On the third day, it is already practically impossible to have a discernible effect.

Don’t use daily magic truffles as you will get resistant to the effects over time. When you take truffles again after day 5, you will see that you have a great experience again when you take psychedelic substances for the first time.
Preparations before consuming magic truffles
If you can’t handle the visual effects, there is a chance you’ll get a bad trip. You can prepare yourself by asking a friend to stay sober when you take magic truffles. This sober person is called the trip sitter. They can help you as soon as you get a bad trip. You can also use a trip stopper. This lessens the visual effects of the truffle. Also, make sure that you don’t

How do I store magic truffles?

Magic truffles should be stored in the fridge. The perfect temperature is two to four degrees Celsius. Please do keep in mind that magic truffles have an expiration date. If you have stored the truffles for a while please check the date to make sure they haven’t expired. The Mexicana truffles of Doctor Growkit are vacuum packed. This means that you can store the truffles for a longer period before they expire.

When you shouldn’t use magic truffles?

There are cases when you better can’t consume magic truffles. This is because it can increase the chance of a bad trip:

• Do you have the latest psychoses of schizophrenia?
• If you feel anxious, stressed, or depressed
• Do not use truffles when taking medications such as MAO-i, SSRI, etc.
• If you are pregnant or under 18 you do not use truffles.
• Don’t use truffles if you’re breastfeeding.
• Do not combine truffles with drugs or alcohol.
• Do not use truffles if you have heart disease or epilepsy.

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