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What can you find in our Smart Shop

Magic doesn’t only happen with shrooms and truffles, but also with other products such as kanna, kratom, mescaline cacti and various other products. Our smartshop consists of everything you need to improve your mood, focus, energy and for a better evening. Our smartshop are completely natural and legal. This means that you can buy these products in our online smartshop without any problems.

Smartshop products for every mood

Everyone has different needs. Some need to relax more, some need to focus more and some need to party. Our smartshop has many products that can help you focus and are completely legal. No shady products and made with natural ingredients. This is why our smartshop is really smart.

Magic mushrooms and truffles

A smartshop is only complete when you have magic mushrooms and truffles in the shop. We have the best shrooms and truffle that you can grow and trip on. Our magic mushrooms and truffles differ in intensity and are meant for both beginners and experienced psychonauts.

Mescaline cacti in our smartshop

A trip with mescaline cacti is very intense. We therefore recommend to only use it when you have experience with tripping in other smartshop products such as kratom, magic mushrooms and truffles. We have grown the mescaline cactus for you, so you can enjoy a trip with them immediately after receiving them.

Buying kratom and kanna in a online smartshop

Kanna and kratom are upcoming in Western Europe. Both products are known for its relaxing effects and to improve your overall mood. Kratom, one of our products in our smartshop, is mostly used as a natural mood changer. The effects take up to six hours and our kratom comes in powder-form. Our kratom comes in powder form and can be mixed with milkshakes and food.
Kanna is another product in our smartshop and is, just like kratom, made from natural ingredients. It is mostly used to improve your overall mood and to make you more relaxed. In some cases kanna can even lead to visions. When you use kratom and kanna you will have less stress and you are more able to relax more. Kanna is also known as a product to improve your libido. So do you need to relax? You can buy kanna and kratom in our online store!

CBD products

Drgrowkit knows what the best CBD products are. CBD or Cannabidiol helps you to relax more and can even work to decrease inflammations and some types of pain. Most people that buy our CBD-products in our online shop use CBD for it’s scent and positive effects. However, there are also many people that love the flavour of CBD. For these people we have some CBDelicious products such as candy. When you don’t like the flavour of CBD, no worries we also have different flavours such as cola. Strawberry, orange, pineapple and much more.

Ancient medicinal mushrooms

Many ingredients such as mushrooms are used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). They know exactly what ingredient is needed for many symptoms. We have searched for the best medicinal mushrooms, so you can buy them easily in our online smartshop. Medicinal mushrooms have also many different effects. Think about improving vitality, brain activity, to improve the immune system, and even to get more energy! Check out our wide range of medicinal mushrooms and look what fits to your needs. You order the medicinal mushrooms in our smartshop and we ship them as fast as possible to you in a discrete package.

Legal party pills in our smartshop

Do you want to use some pills that are made with natural products and are completely legal to buy (and sell). Don’t look further, we have some party pills in our smartshop! Some think that party pills are always illegal. They’re wrong. We have some party pills to improve your mood, to give you more energy and to get you more focussed. So look in our smartshop for some party pills to make every party a little bit better.

Fast and discrete shipment from our smartshop

Everything that you buy in our smartshop, if it’s some kanna or shrooms, we send everything in a discrete package. We do send you some product information so you know how to use it. So don’t read any further and start shopping in our online smartshop!

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