Use of psychedelics

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There are many kinds of psychedelic that you can use. For example, you can use psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms and magic truffles. You will experience with most psychedelics visual effects and even hallucinations. We will explain to you in this blog everything about psychedelics.

What is psychedelic?

Psychedelics are substances that will cause visual effects. These effects will make you hallucinate. These will give you new insights about yourself and life on earth. Therefore it is a very mind-blowing experience to use psychedelics.

Psychedelics allow you to perceive the world in a new and different way. Sometimes your ego could even disappear. When this happens you will experience an out-of-body experience. This can be very intense and lets you be one with the earth. One sees changing colored images, shapes, figures, and signs, just like during a dream or vision. This is one of the many reasons why psychedelics can be used so widely and can be of great importance as a therapeutic agent. It could agitate a user by giving insight into his or her personal (life) situation. It is extremely important when using hallucinogens that the dosage, the user’s circumstances, and the place where the psychedelic experience is experienced are correct. Therefore it is very important to have no underlying problems such as depressions. Also do not use it too much and stay at home as soon as you use psychedelics. This makes sure you won’t get into dangerous situations.
What psychedelics do exist?

Many psychedelics can be used. Some are illegal and some are legal. Please only use legal psychedelics as they are tested and safer to use than illegal psychedelics. The psychedelics we sell in our webshop are growkits for magic mushrooms and magic truffles. There are some other famous psychedelics such as LSD, LSA, Mescalin, and DMT. Some are also known as party drugs such as Ketamine and MD(M)A. Some of these substances became very popular during the ’60s and ’70s. These are drugs such as LSD. Please do keep in mind that some are psychedelics are very dangerous. It is better not to use them as you could get very sick as they are poisonous. Magic mushrooms and truffles that we sell are safe to use. They are tested and allowed to use by the government.
The psychoactive substance Psilocybin

The psychoactive substance in magic mushrooms and truffles is called psilocybin. These will cause a natural trip. In your body, the psilocybin will be turned into Psilocin. This substance will make you trip for hours. For example, some magic truffles will make you trip for up to eight hours. The first effects kick in after 45 minutes. The effects you should experience with magic mushrooms are:

• Feeling more euphoric
• Laughing kicks
• Moore creative
• Sounds sound more intense
• Feeling more energetic
• Hallucinations
• Visual effects

Please do keep in mind that you do not use too many magic mushrooms or truffles at the same time. This could lead to a bad trip.

Microdosing with psychedelics

Psychedelics could be used in small amounts to experience all the positive effects without hallucinating. This is called micro-dosing. Microdosing could be very useful to make you feel better and more productive. Please note that you can best use safe psychedelics such as magic truffles and mushrooms. These are easy to buy in our webshop and are weighed out for you, so you can use them immediately.

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