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What are medicinal mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms isn’t a new thing and goes back for thousands of years. Currently is the use of medicinal mushrooms upcoming. The medicinal mushrooms are known for thousands of years and are part of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These medicinal mushrooms are very healthy as they contain a lot of vitamin B, Glucan, polysaccharides and minerals. Therefore are these special little mushrooms used to prevent and reduce diseases such as auto immune diseases, cancer, skin diseases, allergies and so on. If you use these mushrooms responsibly then you won’t experience any negative effects.

Are medicinal mushrooms psychoactive?

When you hear about mushrooms, you might wonder if they contain psychoactive substances. In our medicinal mushrooms extracts don’t contain any psychoactive substances. This means that these medicinal mushrooms are only meant to consume for medicinal purposes. If you do want to trip on mushrooms we recommend to checkout or assortment of various types of magic mushrooms and truffles.

What kind of medicinal mushrooms do you have?

Drgrowkit has experimented and grown many types of mushrooms. Therefore knows the doctor exactly what type of mushrooms are the best and is mostly based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). For example we have various medicinal mushrooms from Foodsporen. The producers make extracts from various mushrooms such as the lion’s mane, reishi mushrooms, turkey trail and much more. We also have some special medicinal mushrooms from McMyco they have dried and capsuled the well renowned cordyceps, chaga and lion’s mane.

What are the effects of medicinal mushrooms used as TCM?

The overall effects of medicinal mushrooms are very positive. Medicinal mushrooms contain a high amount of polysaccharide and glucan. These products are mostly known for its immune-stimulating properties and show therefore many positive effects when combating various diseases. There are also some medical research papers that have proved the effects of some medicinal mushrooms. Not every medicinal mushroom has the same effect. This means that some medicinal mushrooms have more positive effects then others. But in most cases you could expect the following effects:

  • Antiviral effects
  • Improving the immune system
  • Improving the blood circulation
  • Breaks down cholesterol
  • Reducing stress

When you need specific effects, we recommend to check if the product before buying it if it gives the wanted effects. Always follow the dosing advice on the package of the medicinal mushrooms.

Are there any side effects when consuming medicinal mushrooms

Every medicinal mushrooms that we sell has an recommended amount you should take every day. Never use more than the recommended amount for safe use. For example when consuming high amount of cordyceps you could experience stomach-aches. If you use the right amount you won’t experience any side effects. When you are hypersensitive for some type of mushroom don’t use them as well as you could experience side effects.

The history of medicinal mushrooms

As said earlier are medicinal mushrooms used for thousands of years and especially in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM is used for thousands of years and China but also other countries in the East such as Korea, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and India. These countries expanded and perfectioned the use of medicinal mushrooms and were able to cultivate most of the medicinal mushrooms as well.

Microdosing with truffles

Did you know that magic truffle could contain medicinal effects as well? Magic truffles are very popular for recreational use but can also be used for medicinal use. When using small amounts of magic truffles you experience many positive effects. Some universities are even researching the possibilities for the use of magic truffles against depression and other mental diseases.

Buy our medicinal mushrooms online

We have different kind of medicinal mushrooms in our assortment to improve your health. You can buy the medicinal mushrooms in our webshop online. If you have any questions about our medicinal mushrooms from MyMyco or Foodsporen? We would love to answer them for you!

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