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Mondo magic mushroom spores

Mondo is one of the best suppliers of mushroom spores. For about 20 years has Mondo improved the quality of the shroom spores. These spores can easily be divided over the substrate with the supplied syringe. The provided syringe can help you to divide the spores over the substrate.

The advantages of shroom spores

Shroom spores are basically the seeds of the shrooms. The spores will be released as soon as the mushrooms are fully grown and will be take by the wind to nestle somewhere else. One of the biggest advantages of using shroom spores is that you have huge yields of magic mushrooms. This is because every Mondo Shroom spore bottle has millions of spores in them. This also means that you can fertilize a lot of substrate for a relatively small investment. Please do note that growing mycelium can be quite hard and time consuming. If you don’t have that time, then we have some nice and strong ready to use growkits!

What shroom spores do we have?

We have various shroom spores for you. We have made a wide variety, so you there is a shroom for everyone. If you are a starting user then we recommend the Cambodian shroom. Do you have a lot of experience with shrooms? What about the Hawaiian shroom! Aren’t you sure what suits you best? Please do contact us for some extra help.

Is it possible to make magic truffles with magic mushroom spores?

The magic truffle is nothing more then stored nutrients for the mycelium. This means that if you can make magic mushrooms that you can also make truffles. However, this can be quite hard. Don’t want to struggle? We have some fresh magic truffles for you in store!

How many shrooms can I farm with a mushroom spore bottle?

Every bottle contains millions and millions of spores. This means that every bottle has the potential to produce a lot of magic mushrooms. With our spore vials you only need 3ml for 1000cc (1 litre) of substrate. These bottles are very concentrated and it is best to dilute the spores a bit so you can better divide the spores over the substrate.

How do I store the vial with psilocybin spores?

As soon as your spore vial arrives it is best to store the bottle in a fridge with a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. This is enough to store the bottle unopened for about two years. The injection needle that is delivered with the Mondo spore vial can be used multiple times. If you do so, is it very important to clean the needle as thorough as possible. For example you can heat the needle so it will kill all the bacteria. Another option is to clean the needle with pure alcohol.

Why a liquid culture is very important

A liquid culture helps you to dilute the very concentrated spores. This makes it easier to divide the spores over the substrate. This causes the spores to grow faster and form mycelium as fast as possible. If you don’t want to struggle with spores, then you can also buy our ready to use magic mushroom growkits!

Buy your shroom spores online at Drgrowkit.com

We have plenty of spores for you in our online shop. As soon as you order, then we will make sure that you get your products as fast as possible. If you do have any questions about shroom spores, we are happy to answer all your questions at info@drgrowkit.com!

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