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Grow supplies

It is impossible to have successful yields of magic mushrooms without grow supplies. This is why we have an huge assortment of grow supplies that will help you to farm magic mushrooms with spores, but also when you are going to work with a ready to use growkit.

Why should I buy grow supplies?

Firstly, it is very important to know why grow supplies are very important to use. Grow supplies are supplies that will help you to make a healthy substrate, to cut the mycelium but also to work as sterile as possible. Magic mushrooms and truffles grow on mycelium. You can see the mycelium basically as the roots of the shrooms. This mycelium is very fragile as it can get easily contaminated. To work as sterile as possible you will need several grow supplies to protect the mycelium.

Secondly the basis of every successful yield of magic mushrooms is a healthy and nourishing substrate. We have everything that you need for a substrate such as perlite, rice flour and vermiculite.

What grow supplies do I need to farm shrooms?

We have made for you a balanced assortment of everything that you need to grow healthy magic mushrooms. Below, we will explain you extra about what you have to buy before farming shrooms. It doesn’t matter if you are going to grow magic mushrooms with a growkit or with spores, you will always need magic mushrooms.

Grow supplies to work sterile

Everyone that is growing shrooms knows how important it is to work sterile. The bacteria from your breath and on your hands could contaminate the fragile mycelium of your truffles or shrooms. We have mouth masks and sterile gloves that will prevent unnecessary contamination.

Grow supplies to build a nutritious substrate

A substrate is the feeding ground for the mycelium. Mycelium will grow within the substrate that will eventually result in shrooms. We have various products that will help to build your substrate such as rice flour, vermiculite and perlite. This will be the basis for the mycelium. On this substrate you can drop some shroom spores. You can do this with a spore syringe or with a spore bottle that is diluted with a liquid culture.

Grow supplies to grow the mycelium in

As soon as you are going to grow mycelium, you have to have something to put the substrate, and the mycelium, in. You can do this for example with a filter jar. We have these two jars in two sizes: 1200CC and 2100CC. The size is mostly dependant on how many shrooms you want to grow. As soon as you have a filter jar for magic mushrooms with 1200cc you have a yield of about 500 to 600 grams of magic mushrooms. Are you dreaming big? Then you will need a big filter jar of 2100cc. This is enough to grow up to 800 grams of magic mushrooms.

Grow supplies for magic mushroom spores

As soon as you are going to work with a magic mushroom spores you have to divide the spores as evenly as possible to maximise the yield of shrooms. As soon as you are going to work with spores you will notice how concentrated these spores are. The spores are put in liquid but contain even then millions of spores. A liquid culture from Mondo will help you to dilute the shrooms so it will be easier to drop the spores over the substrate.

Grow supplies to maintain the correct temperature

The temperature is important for every plant. Some of our shrooms grow in tropical temperatures. You can’t expect that these shrooms will grow in a cold environment. Think about the Thai shroom or the Cambodian magic mushroom. These will only grow at higher temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius. This means that you will need a thermomat to maintain the temperature. Please do keep something between the mat and the substrate. Otherwise the substrate will get too warm.

Any questions to grow magic mushrooms and truffles?

As soon as you start to grow shrooms with spores you can have many questions. Especially if it is your first time growing shrooms. You can ask us everything and we will answer all your question for a successful yield. Is it your first time every growing shrooms? Then we recommend to buy a ready to use growkit. This growkit can be used immediately and already contains mycelium. This will save you plenty of time and a successful yield is almost guaranteed.

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