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This mind-altering is very popular in South-Africa. This little plant known as sceletium Tortuosum makes you feel more euphoric and can even cause visions. For hundreds of years is this plant used by native tribes in Africa for its positive effects on the mind. Especially by the Khoikhoi tribe. They started to chew on the root of the plant and works numbing.

What is Kanna?

Kanna is a mind-altering and numbing little plant that helps you to feel more euphoric. The plant has been used for hundreds of years by the Khoikhoi tribe. This tribe passed it over to the Europeans. They chewed on the root of this plant and they started to feel a bit numb. Some even got visions. Kanna is also known as “kouplant” as you had to chew on it.

The effects of kanna

Kanna is mostly known for its numbing effects and can also lead to euphoric feelings and even visions. Having visions with kanna is only possible when you use high doses. By normal use it only makes you feel more relaxed. Fear and stress disappear and also decreases hunger. Sceletium tortuosum is also used as a anti depressant. It can also be used to increase libido. You can’t overdose kanna as well. However, you can be a bit drowsy or sick after consuming too much kanna.

Some people use kanna also when they want to meditate. This is mostly because it makes you feel more relaxed. This makes it possible for you to focus more during meditation. When you want to trip with magic mushrooms, then you can also use kanna as a trip stopper. This means that you decrease the intensity of the trip from magic mushrooms, truffles and mescaline cacti.

How do you use kanna?

If you have the root of the seceletium tortuosum you can chew on the root. However, there are now various ways how you can use kanna as well. For example you can drink it as a tea and you can even use e-liquids for in electric cigarettes. You can also buy kanna as powder. You can snort the powder, but you can also smoke and drink it in a smoothie. Kanna has in a certain way the same effects as kratom and can be used in the same forms as well.

Can I get addicted to kanna?

Kanna isn’t addictive. If you overdose kanna you can get a headache of you can feel a bit sick. But that’s about it!

When shouldn’t I use kanna?

As always don’t mix kanna with other types of drugs or alcohol. Kanna can strengthen the effects of other products. Also don’t participate in traffic and don’t use kanna when pregnant.

Buying kanna online

You can buy kanna in our online shop online. Kanna is a fun and relaxing product that you can buy with ease. We send your order discrete to obtain your privacy. As soon as you order we ship your kanna as soon as possible to you. In just a few days you have your package and you can relax more when stressed!

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