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Mescaline Cacti

Mescaline Cacti is quite unknown in the West. However, it is used for ages in middle and south America. You can buy mescaline cacti in our shop online. Cacti such as the San Pedro cactus.

What are mescaline cacti?

When you have never heard of this special little cactus, you might not buy it online. However, we explain you now why you should buy mescaline cacti online. There are basically two types of mescaline cacti: San Pedro and Peyote. These cacti have various psychedelic effects that can be similar to magic mushrooms and LSD. In Middle America it is used for centuries for holy rituals and recreational use. Tripping with Mescaline Cacti is a very spiritual experience and could be very intense. If you have never used any form of psychedelic drugs we do not recommend to start with mescaline cacti.

How do you use mescaline cacti?

As magic mushrooms you can eat the mescaline cacti. If the mescaline cactus is very bitter, don’t worry that means that is contains a lot of mescaline and will provide a better trip. If it isn’t bitter there isn’t a lot of psychoactive substances in the cactus. If you don’t want to eat the mescaline cactus, you can also dry the cactus and make tea out of it. To trip on mescaline you will need about 300 mg of mescaline. When you have the peyote cactus you will need about 20 grams that has been dried. When you want a more intense trip you need 30 grams. When you have the san pedro cactus it can be a bit harder as you only need the peels. We therefore recommend to start with 7 grams and start to increase the dose accordingly until you start to trip. The trip starts after 30 minutes and can take up to 16 hours. You will reach the high after two to four hours after consumption.

What kinds of mescaline cactus can I buy online?

There are basically two types of mescaline cacti: San Pedro and Peyote. You can grow them yourself, but you can also buy them as grown cacti. This gives you the possibility to consume them immediately. The peyote cactus is a small little cactus without spines. On the cactus itself grows a pink flower and contains mescaline as well. The peyote has the largest amount of mescaline of all cacti. The psychedelic cactus causes hallucinations for intense trips. On the other hand you have the San Pedro Cactus. This is a large fellow and contains mescaline as well. This cactus grows in Peru and Ecuador and is more approachable than the peyote cactus.

What are the effects of mescaline cacti?

The intensity of the trip mostly depends from person to person and also from cactus to cactus. Some cacti contain more mescaline than others. However mescaline cacti are known for its intense hallucinations. This is what you can expect when you are going to trip with mescaline cacti:

  • Intense colours
  • Hallucinations
  • Losing track of time
  • Feeling euphoric
  • Being more creative
  • Feeling sick after eating the cactus

Tripping with mescaline cacti is quite similar as when you consume magic truffles. Maybe you will find some new insights about life and the cactus is even used for microdosing just like magic truffles. Do you prefer a more easy going trip? Then you should try kratom!

Buying mescaline cacti online

In our online shop you can buy various types of ready grown mescaline cacti. Are you ready for the next trip to the universe? Buy them now and you can trip after you receive a discrete package from us!

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