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Kratom is upcoming and is used all over the world. Kratom is a plant known as Mitragyna Speciosa or Ketum, Korth or Kratom. Kratom helps you to feel better and euphoric during the day. We have different sorts of Kratom all with different effects e.g. feeling more relaxed, euphoric and as a natural mood changer.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that grows naturally in south-east Asia in regions such as Thailand, Malaysia and Thailand. Kratom is also known as Ketum, Korth and Mitragyna speciosa and is called after a tree in the region. It is mostly grown in the south of Thailand and is rarely found in the north. Kratom is mostly used for medicinal purposes and for recreational use.

Kratom possesses different kinds of active substances such as alkaloids. The most important ones are mitragyne and 7-hydroxymitragynine as works as an opiate in the brains. In other words: it works like an opiate. This helps you to feel more relaxed, happy and works like a natural mood changer. There are different kinds of Kratom that all have an different effect.

In a research done in 1999 in a university in Bangkok they have found that kratom could help against depressions. Patients felt themselves better after using it. Similar with the effects when using kanna.

How do you use Kratom?

There are many ways to consume kratom. This mostly depends on how you buy your kratom. For example: you can smoke the leavers or make tea out of it. Another way is an capsulised form of Kratom that you can consume with water. In our online shop you can buy your kratom in powder form. The powder form can be consumed in various ways. You can even experiment with it. Make a milkshake with the powder or mix it with coffee or tee. A smoothie with various fruits is an healthy option as well. It all depends on the flavour and the form in which you buy your kratom online.

What are the effects of kratom?

Kratom is known for its euphoric effects. This means that you will feel yourself better after consuming it. It can also work as a natural mood changer. It can also work to have an energy boost or to make you feel more relaxed. The effects take up to six hours.

What kinds of kratom can I buy online?

There are many different kinds of kratom. It all depends on the leaves used for the kratom but in general there are four colours: red, white and green.

Red kratom

If you have never used kratom, we recommend to use red kratom. This makes you feel calm and gives a relaxed feeling. It is therefore widely used and the most popular kratom.

White kratom

White kratom works as a stimulator and makes you feel more euphoric. It works just like a mood changer and is therefore widely used and accepted.

Green kratom

Green kratom is a mix of the effects of white and red kratom. This is why it is mostly mixed with white and red kratom as it decreases the sometimes strong effects of the kratom. In general gives green kratom you more energy.

Is kratom addictive?

Like alcohol and some other substances, can kratom have addictive effects. Especially when you develop a tolerance for kratom. You need then a higher dose for the same effects. Don’t use it for prolonged periods of time and don’t use it daily to prevent addiction.

Buy kratom online

Kratom could help to improve your life. When you have never used kratom, then always start with the red kratom. After a while you can also use other types of kratom that you can buy in our shop online. When you buy your kratom online in our shop, we will send it to you discretely and with fast shipping.

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