Psilocybin Microdosing Guide

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Do you want to be more successful? Microdosing could be a very interesting way to improve your focus and confidence. However, you do have to be careful when you microdose. This microdosing guide helps you with how to microdose.
The microdosing routine consists of an 8 to 10-week cycle in which the 3-day routine repeats continuously. Ten weeks is proven to be best when you microdose.

Microdosing routine

• Day 1: Microdosing day
• Day 2: Transition day
• Day 3: Normal day
• Day 4: Microdosing day
• Day 5: Transition day
• Day 6: Normal day
• Day 1: Microdosing day

Always start with a low dose, as you have to find out which dose is best for you. That means that you start with 0.3 grams of dried psilocybin truffles. Make sure that you don’t have to make important decisions to make as you don’t know what the effects will be the first time. After the first microdose, you can best judge for yourself whether it is the right dose.

What you should experience

What you experience is that you will feel more energetic and your creativity could increase. You have to avoid a trip with truffles. You should feel the effects but without it hindering your daily work. You should preferably take the microdose before 10 in the morning. This is because you will start to feel energetic and you can’t sleep in the evening. Never use a second dose when you don’t feel any effects. It is best to wait until the next microdosing day in your routine. That day you take a little more than the previous microdosing day. Improve the dose with for example 0.1 grams.

Microdosing routine

Day 1: Microdosing day
Start with 0,3 grams. This amount could help you to find the right dose. Write down what you experience and check if you notice the effects. Start the next time with a higher dose. Is it too strong? Lower the dose. Make sure you dose in the morning as you will feel energetic.

Day 2: Transition day
Psychoactive substances are active in your brain for two days. This means you’ll notice the positive effects.

Day 3: Normal day

This is the same day as the transition day. However, you will not notice any effects of microdosing this day. This will prevent immunity against psychoactive substances.

Day 4: Start again with day 1

Start the dose higher or lower, depending on how your first days went. Make sure you always start with small steps. If you have found it microdosing will improve your productivity.

Extra tips for microdosing

Write down what you should experience during the whole cycle. Most users keep a diary in which they write down every day what dose was used and what the experiences of that day were. This will help you to find the right dose. The effects could be

• Better sleep
• Energetic
• Better mood
• Problem-solving is improved
• More creative
• More productive.

Did you notice the effects? Then you have found the right dose!
What drugs can be used for microdosing?
Many drugs can be used for microdosing. However, some are stronger than others. The best known microdosing drug are psilocybin truffles. These are very easy to dose and rather cheap. There are also other microdosing drugs such as:

• Dried magic mushrooms
• Mescalin
• ALD-52
• 1p-LSD

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