San Pedro Cutting Peruvianus (Trichocereus) 40 – 60 CM

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San Pedro Cutting Peruvianus (Trichocereus) 40 – 60 CM


When you want to have a spiritual trip then you have to use mescaline cacti like the San Pedro Peruvianus. This mescaline cactus grew originally in Peru and was used by shamans during special events or to get in contact with the gods. This mescaline cactus is no social drug and shouldn’t, therefore, be used during parties. If you want to know more about yourself and/ or the world around then you should use this mescaline cactus. San Pedro is known for its spiritual trips and helps you to give you new insights into life. Because the San Pedro peruvianus is a strong psychedelic you have to make sure that you have enough experience with hallucinations and very strong visual effects.



What are the effects of the mescaline San Pedro Peruvianus

Mescaline is a strong psychoactive alkaloid that causes you to trip. It has a similar effect as LSD and can cause very intense trips. The San Pedro could give you visions about your problems or hidden emotions. This is why you shouldn’t use this mescaline cactus as a party drug. You can also experience hallucinations and everything seems a bit more intense. Your ego can be gone and you can even experience an out-of-body experience. The San Pedro Peruvianus is a very strong psychedelic and trips can even take up to 24 hours.

How to use the Mescaline San Pedro Peruvianus?

When you want to experience a trip with mescaline cacti you need about 350mg mescaline. In most cases, you will need a mescaline cactus that is about 25 centimeters. Make sure that the cactus has no thorns. Put the cactus, if fresh, in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius until it’s dried. Turn the mescaline cactus into powder (you can eat it now, but could cause stomach aches). Cook the powder for a few hours until and sieve the water. Fill the leftovers powder in another pan and repeat the process. Repeat it until you the water isn’t bitter. After this process, you can drink mescaline water.


Warning when using the Mescaline San Pedro

Please note that a trip could be very intense. Mescaline cacti shouldn’t be used when:

  • Pregnant
  • Using certain medicines
  • Using alcohol
  • Using antidepressants
  • Breastfeeding
  • Having mental problems



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