Kanna 40x Extract

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Kanna 40x Extract




Building on the popularity of our Kanna powder, we’re excited to broaden our selection with three powerful extracts of this exceptional energizer, available in 10×, 20×, and 40× concentrations. With varying levels of potency, our range ensures there’s a suitable option for everyone. Kanna, a remarkable succulent plant known for its antidepressant qualities, has a long history of use, dating back centuries in local traditional medicine as a remedy to uplift mood. Beyond its mood-enhancing properties, Kanna is celebrated for imparting a sense of calm and relaxation. Historically, the Hottentots, indigenous to what is now the Western Cape province of South Africa, revered this plant for its potent psychoactive effects. The presence of Mesembrine, an alkaloid found in Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna), is credited with effects akin to those of many antidepressant medications, likely contributing to the notable joy experienced by the Hottentots following its use. This 40× extract offers a strength that is significantly greater than the standard Kanna variety, delivering a more concentrated experience.


  • Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum).


  • Mood enhancement
  • Social stimulation
  • Relaxation
  • Heightened sense of touch


This Kanna extract is best snorted, dosage 2.5 to 5 mg.

Storage advice

Store this product in a cool and dark place such as a kitchen cupboard and out of reach of children.


Kanna 40 × Extract Mystic Herbs – 1 gram.


Kanna (Sceletium toruosum) acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Do not combine with other SSRIs (Seroxat, Prozac) of MAOIs. If so, always consult your doctor first and read the leaflet of your medication to avoid health risks. Also, do not use Kanna if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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