Atlantis Magic Truffles

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Atlantis Magic Truffles


Atlantis truffles are the perfect truffles if you have never used magic truffles. It is a bit stronger than Mexican truffles but it still is the perfect option for a beginner. The effects of this truffle are some colourful visual effects and you will become philosophical. This is the perfect truffle to consume with friends as you will feel connected to the world.



The effects of the Atlantis Truffle

You will receive some colourful visual effects and you can process information faster. Problems are easier solvable. As you can solve problems more easily you will also be more philosophical. Discuss the important subjects of life with your friends and explore yourself. You are connected with everyone in the room and can discuss difficult topics. The amount you should use is at least 7,5 grams. With this amount, you are certain that you will notice changes. Please note that you have to use 15 grams for a strong trip. You can eat the truffle but you can also make a tea of this truffle. Just heat water until it is 70 degrees Celsius. Add 15 grams of magic truffle and let it sit for 20 minutes. You have now some delicious truffle tea!

Be prepared when you are going to use truffles

It is very important to prepare yourself before a trip. Make sure you are in a safe and trusted environment. Also, keep in mind that you have a trip sitter. He or she is a person that will stay sober when you are going to use the truffles. When you have a bad trip they can comfort you. You can also use a trip stopper. This will ascertain that your trip level decreases.

How to store the Atlantis magic truffle

This truffle should be stored in the fridge. The temperature of your fridge should be around two and four degrees Celsius. If you have stored the truffle for a while, please check the expiration date.

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