Jalisco Magic Truffles

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Jalisco Magic Truffles


The Jalisco magic truffle is one of the newer truffles. This truffle is perfect for the more experienced truffle and magic mushroom user. This magic truffle will give you intense visuals. This truffle originates from Mexico. This truffle has been used for centuries by the Maya population.



The effects of the Jalisco truffle

This is truffle suitable for experienced users. You will get hallucinations, have laughing kicks and you might experience that colours could be brighter. The trip takes up to six hours and the first effects kick in after about 45 minutes. Hallucinations will only take place if you consume high amounts of this magic truffle.

How much of the Jalisco truffle should I consume?

There are various kinds of trips you could experience. You could have mild effects, strong effects, and extreme effects. The Jalisco truffle is packed for 25 grams. If you want an extreme trip, you should use 25 grams. If you want a mild trip you could consume 10 grams of the Jalisco truffle. You could also make a tea of magic truffles. Don’t ever let the tea cook. Don’t even let the temperature of the water rise above 70 degrees Celsius. By cooking the magic truffle above this temperature, the psychoactive effects of the magic truffle decrease. If you are going to make a tea of the truffle you should use about 10 to 25 grams.

How to prepare for a truffle trip

When you are going to use magic truffles you should make sure you are in a familiar area. It is very important to stay relaxed during the trip. If the effects are too strong of the magic truffle, you could also use a trip stopper. This could help when you have a bad trip. You could also ask a friend to stay sober. He/ she could help you to get relaxed as soon as you have a bad trip.

How to store Jalisco magic truffles

You can store magic truffles in the fridge. The ideal temperature should be around two and four degrees Celsius. The truffles can expire so don’t wait too long when buying magic truffles.

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