Tampanensis Magic Truffles

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Tampanensis Magic Truffles


The Tampanensis magic truffle is also known as the Philosopher’s Stone as you will get some new insights from your friends about life. This also very suitable for beginners as the effects are rather mild in comparison to truffles such as the Nirwana truffle. Your journey as a psychonaut will probably start with this truffle!



The effects of the Tampanensis Truffle

The most effects of the truffle will affect your mind. You will think differently about normal subjects, which could help you to get some new insights about your life. You can also solve problems more easily during the trip. Lastly, you will feel euphoric and you are a lot more creative than normal. If you take high amounts of the Tampanensis Truffle you could even have a spiritual expansion in your mind. Therefore it is called the Philosopher’s stone. A trip with these truffles takes about four to six hours. The first effects of this truffle are noticeable after 45 minutes.

How do you consume Tampanensis Truffles?

The easiest way to use truffles is to eat them. It is very important to chew on the truffle as long as possible. This makes sure that you will get the maximum effects of the magic truffle. You can also make a tea of the Tampanensis truffle. Heat water until it has reached 70 degrees Celsius. Add 10 grams of magic truffles and wait for 20 minutes.

When using truffles it is very important to consume them with an empty stomach. In the preparation of a trip with the magic truffle, it is very important to have a trip sitter. He or she comforts you if you get a bad trip. You can also use a trip stopper for a bad trip.

How to store the Tampanensis Truffle?

The truffle should be stored in the fridge. The temperature of the fridge should be about two to four degrees Celsius. This makes that you can store the truffles for a longer period. The truffles are vacuum packed. However, always check the expiration date if you store the truffles for a longer period.

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