High Hawaiians Truffles 25g

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High Hawaiians Truffles 25g


High Hawaiians are one of the most popular truffles and are very powerful. The truffle is also known as the Psilocybe Tampelandia and they will give you intense hallucinations. This truffle is the perfect truffle for the experienced psychonaut.



The effects of High Hawaiians truffles

The truffles will give you intense hallucinations. You will get some great laughing kicks and visions. This could help you to get some new insights into life. However, the effects of this truffle are rather mild. This means that you won’t get any strong visual effects. Therefore it is very suitable for beginners. Make always sure you are in a comfortable room in which you feel safe. This makes sure you decrease the chance of a bad trip. The trip takes up to six hours and the first effects should kick in after 45 minutes. During this time will active substance psilocybin will be turned into psilocin in your body.

How to use the High Hawaiian truffle

This truffle can be eaten. It is in this case very important to chew as long as possible on the truffle for maximum effects. You can also make a tea of the High Hawaiian truffle. Heat some water and add the magic truffles to the water. Wait for 20 minutes and your tea is ready to consume. Please don’t heat the water until it is 70 degrees Celsius. This will decrease the amount of psilocybin in the truffle. The amount of this truffle is five to ten grams for a mild trip. If you want a heavy trip? Then you have to use about 15 grams of the High Hawaiian magic truffle.

How to store High Hawaiian Truffles?

This truffle is vacuum packed. This makes sure that the truffles can be stored for a longer period. The High Hawaiian truffles have to be stored in the fridge. The temperature should be between two and four degrees Celsius. Always check the expiration date when you store the High Hawaiians for a longer time.

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