Amazonia Galindoi Truffles

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Amazonia Galindoi Truffles


The Amazonia truffle is one of the strongest truffles on earth. This is mostly due to the high amounts of psilocybin. This is the substance that causes trips and hallucinations. The Amazonian truffle originates, as it suggests, from the Amazon. This truffle is the mycelium sclerotia of the Amazonian magic mushroom. While using this truffle it is almost guaranteed you will experience a very heavy trip which is very alike the Nirwana truffle.



The effects of the Amazonia Galindoi truffle

This truffle is suitable for very experienced users. The truffle is one of the strongest magic truffles we sell and it is almost guaranteed you will experience a very heavy trip. You will lose the concept of time, you’ll trip like never before and everything will sound different. However, you can solve problems more easily. The trip takes hours. It could even take up to eight hours.

How to dose the Amazonia truffle

There are various ways to consume magic truffles. For example, you can eat them or drink magic truffle tea. When making tea you should be aware that the temperature may not rise above 70 degrees Celsius. When reaching this temperature the psychoactive functions of the truffle decreases. The amount you should take is highly dependant on your experience but also on the amounts you have eaten before consuming the magic truffle. However, there is a guideline on the intensity of the trip.

  • Mild effects: 5 grams
  • Mild to strong effects: 10 grams
  • Extreme effects: 15 grams
  • Out of body experiences 15 to 25 grams

If you are going to make truffle tea you have to use at least 10 grams. This means you will have a mild to strong trip when using 10 grams. When making a tea of 15 to 25 grams you will experience extreme effects or even out of body experiences.

Preparations before consuming the Amazonia Galindoi truffle

If you can’t handle the visual effects and there is a chance you’ll get a bad trip. You can prepare yourself by asking a friend to stay sober. This person is called the trip sitter. They can help you as soon as you get a bad trip. You can also use a trip stopper. This lessens the visual effects of the truffle.

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