Utopia Magic Truffles

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Utopia Magic Truffles


The Utopia Magic truffle is very strong. You can rollover from laughter and get some very strong visual effects. You could also hallucinate. This spectacular trip is only suitable for very experienced users. This is mostly since this truffle contains high amounts of psychoactive substances.



The effects of the Utopia magic truffle

This is a very strong truffle. Be prepared for a very intense, visual, and spectacular trip. You will experience an out of body experience and explore yourself and your world. You experience some very intense hallucinations and can talk about enlightenment. You will be able to know what is important in life and what is important to you. For a full experience, you could be consuming about 15 grams. Even though 7,5 grams is enough for a simple trip. In both cases, the trip is very intense and kick in after 45 minutes after consumption. You can eat the truffle and make a tea of it. When you are going to eat the truffle it is very important to chew as long as possible on it for the maximum effects. You can also make a tea of truffles. Heat water until it is 70 degrees Celsius and add magic truffles. Wait 20 minutes and it is ready for consumption.

Prepare yourself for an intense trip

The trip with the utopia magic truffle is very intense. You should be prepared for an intense trip. Therefore you have to prepare yourself. For some people, a trip with the Utopia magic truffle can be too intense. In this case, it is very important to prepare yourself to prevent a bad trip. Ask a friend to stay sober. They can help you in case you have a bad trip. They can tell you it will all be over and that it is not real. You can also use a trip stopper. This can be used in case of a bad trip.

How to store Utopia Magic Truffles

You can store Utopia magic truffles in the fridge between two and four degrees Celsius. Magic truffles can be consumed at best as soon as you receive your package. There is an expiration date for our truffles please check before consumption the expiration date.

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