Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles

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Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles


The Dutch dragons truffle is the perfect truffle if you want an intense trip. The intensity of the trip is caused due to the high amount of psychoactive substances in this magic truffle. The truffle will give you new insights into your life and strong visual effects. Be prepared to reach a new level of a trip even when you are an experienced psychonaut.



The effects of the Dutch Dragons magic truffle

With this magic truffle, you will experience strong visual effects. This is due to the high amounts of psychoactive substances in this truffle. You’ll lose the concept of time and space and you will see the world inside you. Be prepared to get some new insights about yourself and the world. As you will experience a colourful and strong visual trip it is very important to consume the right amount. A trip that is too strong could cause a bad trip. For a mild trip, you should consume about 9 grams of fresh Dutch Dragon truffles. Do you want an intense trip? Consume 9 grams of the Dutch Dragon Magic Truffle.

How do you use the Dutch Dragons Magic Truffle?

The Dutch Dragons truffle can be eaten. If you eat the truffle it is important to chew on it as long as possible. The longer you chew the stronger the effect is of the psilocybin. You can also make a tea of this truffle. Please be aware you shouldn’t let the temperature of the water rises above 70 degrees Celsius. If it gets too warm the psychoactive substance decreases. Let the tea sit for about 20 minutes.

 How do you store the Dutch Dragon Magic Truffle?

This truffle should be stored in the fridge. The temperature of your fridge should be about two and four degrees Celsius. Please be aware that you have always had to check the expiration date. Even though you can store magic truffles for a very long time you always have to check the temperature.

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