Mushrocks Magic Truffles

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Mushrocks Magic Truffles


You can get a stronger trip with Mushrocks truffles. These are not the strongest truffles but the trip is still rather intense. You will explore your inner self and experience some new visual effects. The mushrock magic truffle is the perfect truffle before you go to very strong truffles such as the Nirwana magic truffle.



The effects of the Mushrocks Magic Truffle

The effects of this truffle are quite intense. You will explore your inner self and can experience some intense visual effects. Objects look different and sound changes as well. You will explore your inner self and you learn new things about life. You can also solve problems more easily as you are more creative. The trip of this truffle takes up to six hours. The first effects are noticeable after 45 minutes.

How to dose the Mushrocks Magic truffle?

If you want a mild trip you should use about five to nine grams of the mushrocks truffle. Do you want a stronger trip? Then use ten to fifteen grams of fresh truffles. Make sure that you are in a trusted environment. This makes sure you feel more relaxed during the trip. This will also decrease the chance of a bad trip. In case you have a bad trip you could use a trip stopper. You can also ask a friend to stay sober. He or she is called the trip sitter and can comfort you when you have a bad trip.

How to use the Mushrocks Magic truffle?

You can eat the truffles. However, it is very important to chew on it for a very long time. This makes sure that you maximize the effects of the truffle. You can also make a tea of the magic truffle. Heat some water up to 70 degrees Celsius. Then add the truffles and wait for 20 minutes. Your tea is ready to drink!
How to store Mushrocks Magic Truffles
You have to store the Mushrocks Magic Truffles in the fridge. The fridge has to have a temperature of about two to four degrees Celsius. Always check the expiration date when you store the truffles for a very long time.

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