Nirwana Magic Truffles

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Nirwana Magic Truffles


The king of all magic truffles is, without doubt, the Nirwana magic truffle. This truffle causes extreme visuals and hallucinations. You will feel like you can’t get exhausted and you can think about life for hours. This truffle should only be used by very experienced users. If you’ve never have experienced a trip with truffles, you shouldn’t start with this one. This trip is so intense, dimensional, and full of surprises that it is only fit for psychonauts.



The effects of the Nirwana magic truffle

As said this is the strongest magic truffle on earth. The trip is therefore very intense. You will lose the concept of time and space. All objects deform and you’ll be able to solve problems. When using the Nirwana truffle you can get to know yourself in a like never before. A trip of the Nirwana truffle can take up to eight hours.

How do you use Nirwana truffles?

You can eat magic truffles. However, you can also make a tea of magic truffles. In both cases, it is very important to use truffles on an empty stomach. If you decide to make a tea of magic truffles you mustn’t reach 70 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the psychoactive effects decrease. If you are going to eat magic truffles chew as long as possible on the truffle. This will ascertain the optimal effects of the magic truffle.

How to dose the Nirwana truffle

This truffle is very strong. We recommend using the right dose. If you want a mild trip you should use about 5 grams. If you want a strong or even extreme trip you should consume 10 grams of the Nirwana truffle. If you make take you could use the same amount.
Be prepared for an intense trip
If you are going to use Nirwana truffles you should be well prepared. A trip could be very intense that you could get a bad trip. In the unfortunate event, you’ll get a bad trip you could take a trip stopper. Or you can ask a sober friend to watch you when you are going to use the Nirwana truffle. He/she can help you to sober you up if you have a bad trip.

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