Mexicana Magic Truffles

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Mexicana Magic Truffles


The Mexicana Truffle is also known as the flesh of gods. As the name suggests you will experience time and space differently and you could get some new insights about life. This truffle is the perfect magic truffle if you don’t have any experience with magic truffle.




The effects of the Mexicana magic truffle

This truffle is very suitable for beginners as they are way less strong than the Nirwana magic truffle. Colours are brighter and sounds might sound different. Space and time are gone and you could experience some visual effects or light hallucinations. It is with this truffle very important to use the right amount. For this truffle, it is recommended to use 5 to 10 grams for a mild trip. Do you want a strong trip? Use 15 grams. Please do try the weigh the truffle you are going to consume so you know exactly how much magic truffle fits your needs.

How do you consume the Mexicana magic truffle?

When you use truffles for the first time you can best use a small amount such as five grams. The first effects kick in after 45 minutes. If you feel like you haven’t used enough use an extra five grams. With truffles is it very important to chew very long on the truffle. This makes sure your body can break down the truffle more easily. You can also make truffle tea. Make sure that the water temperature won’t rise above 75 degrees Celsius. This will decrease the effects of the magic truffle as the psilocybin breaks down.

How do I store magic truffles?

Magic truffles should be stored in the fridge. The perfect temperature is two to four degrees Celsius. Please do keep in mind that magic truffles have an expiration date. If you have stored the truffles for a while please check the date to make sure they haven’t expired. The Mexicana truffles of Doctor Growkit are vacuum packed. This means that you can store the truffles for a longer period before they expire.



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