Dragon Dynamite Magic Trufflles

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Dragon Dynamite Magic Trufflles


This is one of our stronger truffles. The truffle will give you more energy, makes you feel euphoric and it will give you philosophical insights. The effects of this truffle are quite strong. You can expect a very intense trip with various visual effects.



The effects of the Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffle

Be prepared for a strong trip. This magic truffle will take you to new heights as it has very strong visual-, and hallucinating effects. Sounds and objects look and sound different and you will feel like you could take over the world. When using this truffle it is very important to consume the right amount. By doing this you can prevent a trip that is too intense. This truffle is less strong in comparison to the Hawaiian truffle. This is therefore the perfect next step to become an experienced psychonaut.
The dose you should use
It is very important to dose this truffle correctly. By using the right amount you prevent a bad trip when the trip becomes too intense. When you want a strong trip you should use about 15 grams of fresh Dragon Dynamite Truffles. Do you want a milder trip? Then you should use five grams of fresh Dynamite magic truffles.

How do you use Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles?

You can eat the magic truffles fresh or you can make a tea of the magic truffle. If you are going to eat the truffle it is very important to chew as long as possible on the truffle. This way you make sure you reach the maximum effect of the magic truffle. If you are going to make tea, please keep in mind that the temperature of the water won’t reach 70 degrees Celsius. All temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius will decrease the psychoactive effects of the magic truffle. If you are going to make the tea heat up some water and add 15 grams of the Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffle. Wait for 20 minutes and your truffle tea is ready!

How to store the Dragon dynamite Magic Truffle?

Keep the magic truffles in the fridge until you are going to consume them. The fridge should be set at an average temperature of two or a maximum of four degrees Celsius.

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