Double Vision Magic Truffles

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Double Vision Magic Truffles


The double vision magic truffle is a very strong truffle. It is a mix of two of the strongest magic truffles on earth. Be prepared for an intense trip with this truffle and experience life like never before.




What are the effects of the double vision truffles?

The double vision truffles are known for its extremely strong trips. The hallucinations caused by this truffle are very intense. In many cases you start with a laughing kick. This happens after approximately 45 minutes. After a while you will experience that the world around you changes slightly. If you close your eyes you will see some intense visuals. When you open your eyes once again you can see new patterns and the colours are brighter than ever before. The trip of this magic truffle could take a day. Make therefore sure you have nothing planned before using this magic truffle.

Why is the double vision truffle so strong?

The truffle is a mix of two of the strongest magic truffles on earth. The truffles that are mixed are the Nirwana-, and Amazonia Galindoi truffle. Combining these two will give you an even more intense trip. This trip should only be used by experienced users. Make sure that you consume this truffle in small amounts. This will prevent trips that are too intense.

How do you use magic truffles?

You can eat the truffle without problems. Make sure that you chew as long as possible on it. You can also make tea out of the magic truffle. However, make sure that the temperature of the water won’t rise above 70 degrees Celsius. This decreases the visual effects of the magic truffle. Is it the first time that you use this magic truffle? Make sure you take a small amount such as 5 grams. Wait for 45 minutes and check if these are the visual effects that you want to experience.

If you are an experienced user, you can take more truffles. There is enough available for a intense trip. The trip takes about 6 to 8 hours. It is not without reason that this is a truffle that is ideally suited for the experienced psychonauts.

If you are going to eat truffles, we recommend that you do this on an empty stomach. The trip is best experienced in a pleasant, quiet and safe environment. Make sure that a trip sitter is near you. He or she can comfort you when you experience a bad trip. Make also sure you always have a trip stopper at home.

How do I store magic truffles?

Truffles should be stored in the fridge. The best temperature for the double vision truffle is between the two and four degrees Celsius. Magic truffles can expire. If you store magic truffles for a long time you should make sure that you check the expiration date before consuming the truffle.

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