Pajaritos Magic Truffles

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Pajaritos Magic Truffles


If you have a bit of experience and want something stronger, then the Pajaritos truffle is the perfect fit for you. This truffle increases your creativity and you will also get some laughing kicks. This is the perfect truffle to use during parties as you get more social. The trip is furthermore philosophical. Learn new things about life with this magic truffle.



The effects of the Pajaritos Magic truffle

This truffle is a social truffle. You won’t get strong visual effects. However, you can have a great laugh with it. This truffle is the perfect fit for you during parties. You can also solve problems more easily and you will feel euphoric. This truffle lets you think about life and experience light visuals as soon as you lie down.

How to dose Pajaritos magic truffles?

The trip of this truffle takes up to six hours. The trip kicks in after about 45 minutes. It is very important to dose this truffle correctly. The amount you should consume is mostly dependent on the intensity of the trip you want. A mild trip is only 10 grams needed. You want a more intense trip you could consume about 25 grams. It is very important to chew as long as possible on the truffle for the best effects. You can also make a tea of this truffle. Pour hot water over the truffle and wait for 20 minutes.

Microdosing with the Pajaritos truffle

This truffle could be used for microdosing. While microdosing you can improve your focus, energy level, and even improve creativity. It is however very important to consume small amounts to prevent visual effects.

How to store Pajaritos magic truffles?

This truffle has to be stored in the fridge. The best temperature is between two and four degrees Celsius. It is recommended to consume the truffles as fast as possible as the truffles have an expiration date.

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