Four tips for the best experience with magic truffles

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The experience you have after you use truffles is always a surprise. One time you will experience the best trip of your life with new insights about life. Other times you could experience a bad trip that could scare you as everything feels, looks, and sounds very scary. When you use magic truffles you would like to experience the best one. You want to see new insights or fall off your chair of laughter. To achieve this magic trip with truffles you can prepare yourself to have the best way possible. Doctor Growkit would like to help you to get the most out of your magic trip. 

What kind of truffle are you going to use

There are so many magic truffles and mushrooms in the world, that it is almost too hard to know what is right. Make therefore sure that you know what you are going to use. Some magic truffles could cause a very scary trip if you have never used magic truffles before. For example, the Nirwana magic truffle is one of the strongest truffles in the world. This will cause very intense trips with visual effects. If you have never used magic truffles before, then is this magic truffle too strong. Make sure that you start with easy-going truffles such as the Mexicana truffle

Make also sure that you buy the truffles from trusted suppliers. This makes sure you get in touch with the bad stuff. A wrong dose of psychedelic effects could cause very scary trips if you aren’t prepared enough. 

Prepare your trip accordingly 

Before you even are going to use magic truffles, you should make sure that you are prepared. Make sure that you have enough food and water within reach. A magic trip could take up to eight hours. This is a very long time and therefore you should make sure that there is enough food and water as you might get thirsty or hungry. Some people aren’t hungry during a trip. When you do get hungry you will be glad if there is something to eat or drink. Food could taste different when you are tripping. If you would like to experience that, we would love to recommend eating something. Even the things you eat daily like chips could taste slightly different. 

Also make sure that you have no appointments during the day or the next day, or that you have important calls. It is even better to make sure that you turn off your cell phone. This makes sure that you have can’t be interrupted during the trip. If you get bad news during the trip then it could turn your trip into a nightmare.

The last step of your preparation is to ask a friend to stay sober during the trip. The trip-sitter helps you during the trip to comfort you if you have a bad trip. It might sound a bit boring that someone has to stay sober. However, even for the trip-sitter, it is very fun to see how you enjoy yourself during the trip. 

How to eat the magic truffles?

Everyone that has used magic truffles or magic mushrooms knows the bitter taste. Some people find it, even so, bitter that they are going to feel rather sick. A very easy trick to mask the flavor is to make a tea of the magic truffles. Bring water to a boil and add small pieces of the magic truffles. However, please do make sure that you add the magic truffles under a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. You can also make a very delicious smoothie with magic truffles. A psychedelic smoothie sort of speak. This is as it blends the truffle with the fruits. This helps to mask the bitter flavor of the magic truffle. If you are creative and feeling culinary you can also make salads and even risotto with it. However, eat this in small portions to make sure that you can enjoy the effects of the magic truffle.

Don’t resist the trip

Lastly, make sure that you don’t scare yourself of the effects. After a while, they will kick in and let the truffle guide you through the trip. If you feel creative, make some art or write some ideas down. You will be amazed at what you can think of during a trip. Don’t try to resist and you will have the most amazing trip.

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