Month: October 2021

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Can microdosing help against depressions?

Microdosing has many upsides. Some people are able to concentrate better, feel themselves better and they could feel less sleepy. But did you know that microdosing could help against depression? The UMC Utrecht started in 2019 with experiments to treat people with depressions with psilocybin. This substance can be found in magic truffles and mushrooms.…
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Magic Mushrooms

What is the difference between magic Truffles and Mushrooms

You want to experiment with psychoactive substances and one of the first things you can find is magic truffles and magic mushrooms. Aren’t magic truffles and mushrooms not just the same thing? They have both with psilocybin right? Many people have asked us to at Doctor Growkit what the difference is between the two. Now…
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