Can microdosing help against depressions?

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Microdosing has many upsides. Some people are able to concentrate better, feel themselves better and they could feel less sleepy. But did you know that microdosing could help against depression? The UMC Utrecht started in 2019 with experiments to treat people with depressions with psilocybin. This substance can be found in magic truffles and mushrooms. In this article Doctor Growkit will explain what the possibilities are with the possibilities with microdosing. Please do note that this is that if you feel depressed or you have the need to talk to, please talk to an expert or psychologist. They can help to treat your depression.

Microdosing and depressions

Some bad cases of depressions seem to be untreatable. There weren’t also any big break throughs in better treatments of depression. For some people it seems to help to use psychoactive substances such as magic truffles and mushrooms. Even though there aren’t many medical papers about microdosing curing depressions, this seems the first step for another treatment against depressions.

The effect of psilocin against depressions

At the UMC Utrecht they have experimented with the use of psilocybin truffles and mushroom and depression. Psilocybin is known to break thinking patterns. You can experience sounds and colours different and your sense of time could change. From other studies with psilocybin it seems to help against depression. After a few months some participants of the research felt exponentially better.

Psychedelic research in the 60’s is bearing it’s fruit

The 60’s is probably the best known time that psychedelics became popular. One of the researchers is called Doctor James Fadiman. He wrote the book called Psychedelic explorers guide and became famous with his research about psychedelics. Later he started to collect experiences of people with microdosing. He started to notice that people started to feel better or have a better mood. For many people it seemed to help even in cases of heavy depressions. However, also doctor Fadiman noticed that it didn’t work for some people. As it could have some negative side effects. Also the UMC states that it can best be tested in a safe space with experts so you don’t take to much of a psychoactive substance. This could lead to a trip and thus negative effects. Microdosing could solve problems. However, please keep in mind that it is not the same as taking antidepressants. Therefore please always talk with an expert before starting to treat depression with microdosing.

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