Month: October 2022

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 How to trip on mescaline cacti

Ever wondered or wanted to try something new in the world of psychedelics other than magic truffles and shrooms? Then you might want to try to trip on mescaline cacti. These could give you the feeling that you are awake and dreaming at the same time. In this blog we will tell you more about…
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How do I build my own shroom growkit?

As soon as you have experienced several trips with shrooms, you might consider bringing your shroom farming skills to the next level. You are going to build your own magic mushroom mycelium that you can use to farm shrooms. The major upside is that you have higher yields in comparison to growing shrooms with a…
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How to order magic truffles in Poland?

Even though Poland has immense forests that inhabit many species of (magic) truffles and shrooms, then it still can be hard to find them. They can look like other species of mushrooms. If you don’t have much knowledge about mushrooms then we recommend finding another way to get your magic truffles in Poland. If you…
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