How to trip on mescaline cacti

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Ever wondered or wanted to try something new in the world of psychedelics other than magic truffles and shrooms? Then you might want to try to trip on mescaline cacti. These could give you the feeling that you are awake and dreaming at the same time. In this blog we will tell you more about mescaline cacti and how you can prepare yourself for another trip!

San Pedro mescaline cacti

There are basically two types of mescaline cacti. One of the most well-known mescaline cacti is the San Pedro cactus which is also sold in our webshop. Originally were these cacti found in Chili, Bolivia, and Peru and were mostly used for religious purposes. This fast-growing cactus can grow up to two 6 meters with a diameter of 6 to 15 centimeters. When you are going to trip on a mescaline San Pedro cactus then you need about 50 grams San Pedro Cactus. The amount of mescaline in a cactus could differ per cactus. We, therefore, recommend starting with a low dose of seven grams. Test how the trip is and increase the dose accordingly a week later.

How does a trip on mescaline cacti feel?

When you want to trip on mescaline cacti, then you have to be ready for an intense experience. Some users say that the trip is a lot like using LSD. You will lose your subconsciousness and you might even melt together with your surroundings. A trip with this cactus is therefore quite intense. A trip with a mescaline cactus can take up to sixteen hours and can take even 24 hours when you use a higher dose.

Can I get addicted to mescaline cacti?

Mescaline cacti like the Peyote and San Pedro aren’t addictive. When you use the cactus a lot then you will build up a tolerance against it just as you experience with magic truffles and shrooms. This means you can’t use these cacti every day as you will need more to have the same effects.

On another side, the note is the mescaline cactus well known as it can get you sick. This means that you have to make sure that you have enough water at your disposal and a bucket. Always make sure that you only use mescaline cacti when you feel well.

How do I prepare mescaline cacti?

If you want to experience an intense trip with this cactus, then you have to prepare the cactus first. The green part of the cut of San Pedro is the stuff you want. The green parts are the parts that cause the psychoactive effects. The white part, however, causes sickness.

The cut you use is about as long as your forearm. This is enough for a trip for one person. First, you have to remove all thorns. Then you have to remove the skin of the mescaline cactus. This is quite easy to do. Now you see the green parts of the cactus. Cut this off and cook all green parts of the mescaline cactus for three to four hours in 3 liters of water. Wait until most of the water is evaporated and you have about 250ml left. Strain this and cook the other parts of the cactus and add 2 liters of water. Cook once again for three to four hours until you have once again 250ml water. Add this to the first cook session and you are ready to trip!

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