The newest trend in raving scene: magic mushroom drops!

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Mushroom Drops

Everyone knows about magic mushrooms and the effects of it. You eat the shroom itself and after a while the effects kick in such as laughing kicks and much more. Most people use the shrooms in a rather private setting. Now there is something new in the club-, and raving scene in cities such as London and Amsterdam: bottles with shroom drops!

What are magic shroom drops?

The shroom drops have evolved into new substance to party, besides alcohol. The rather small bottles with shroom drops give you laughing kicks, but can also cause hallucinations. The drops itself can be used in pure form but also as a synthetic version. The synthetic version is less strong than pure psilocybin. One drop is enough to notice some effects. When you use six drops, you will notice that you can experience a very intense trip.  The drops itself are very beloved by many partygoers that want to experience something new. The drug itself is made, not very surprising from the flesh of gods itself: the magic mushroom. The shrooms are processed in such a way that you only get the psilocybin that can be used.

What is the world like when using shroom drops?

The effects differ every time and also per person. The shrooms itself can be used during many occasions. During a party, on a terrace or when you are just chilling with friends. Everything seems to have a glow and everything seems to be a lot softer. It won’t be very surprising when you hug a plant or an animal. Colors are also more beautiful when you are tripping on magic mushroom drops. This also means that colorful parties or even a sunset can be more beautiful. It is like you are seeing another world for the first time.

Laughing kicks are a very well known effect when using shrooms. When you use the slightly bitter drops, then you will experience similar laughing where you can laugh because of the slightest things. The drops could also help to improve your mood and to take things easier in life.

Where to rave with shroom drops?

If you want to use liquid psilocybin then you also have to know where to use them. First, make sure that you do it in a place where you feel relaxed. The liquid psilocybin makes you feel more relaxed and can thus be used at raves or at festivals with plenty of beautiful colors to look at. Some people even use it when chilling with friends. It all depends on your own preferences.

What if I can´t find magic mushroom drops?

If you can’t find any mushroom drops, then your answer is very easy! You can grow your own shrooms at home. We will provide you with some lovely shrooms that you harvest yourself without any hassle. The growkits contain very potent mycelium of different kinds of shrooms. Do you want to experience a trip like with shroom drops? Maybe you should try the B+ or Thai shrooms!

When not to use magic mushroom drops or psychedelics in general

There are certain cases that you better not use the shrooms or psychedelics in general. The shrooms can help you to think out of the box and could possibly help to even find solutions for long lasting problems. Your brain makes different connections than usual which help you to find answers. However, even when not hallucinating deep rooted problems could cause a bad trip. It is not recommended to use when you aren’t feeling relaxed. Also don’t use any psychedelics when dealing with mental problems.

Are shrooms dangerous?

Shrooms grow in nature and are also known for having the substance psilocybin. This substance isn’t toxic and rarely cause negative effects. The chance to get addicted to the substance is very small as well. The psilocybin will cause that you see the world differently. This can be positive but also negative. This is why you have to make sure you feel well before using psychedelics such as shrooms or magic truffles.

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