Buy your magic truffles online in Italy

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Magic Truffles

Aaah the forests of Italy… Such a beautiful place and the forests are considered as its cathedral. The forests of Italy are well-known for its famous Italian white and black truffles. But these aren’t the magic truffles we are talking about! We mean the psychedelic magic truffles. You don’t have to look for them anymore as you can buy your magic truffles online in Italy. This means that you are certain that you have to most potent magic truffles that help you to go on fun adventures!

The first question that always rises is if shrooms and magic truffles are legal in Italy. And the good news is that both of them are decriminalized. This means that you are allowed to buy and possess spores and growkits. This means that you can grow the most potent shrooms and truffles at home!

Italy’s LSD Island

If you have ever been to Italy, you might have heard about Sicily. There is in Sicily a small island called Alicudi. This small island is known as LSD island. At first sight this place seems very quiet. No ATM’s, No roads and only a few residents habiting the island. However, this place has a small secret as soon as settlers started to inhabit the island in the 1600s. A few centuries ago they made a product called crazy rye, or crazy bread. The fungus (the fungus was known as ergot), was mistakenly used for bread that caused the residents the be high for most of the time. Crazy stories started to emerge about flying cows, sorceress and ghosts.

What magic truffle should I buy?

Our headquarters is in the Netherlands and we have quite a few magic truffles and shrooms that you can buy for yourself in Italy. As soon as you are going to buy magic truffles in Italy, then the first question is if you have experience with psychedelics such as magic truffles and shrooms. If this is not the case then you better don’t use very potent magic truffles such as Hollandia magic truffles. Start first with a few easy-going truffles such as the Jalisco truffle, Mexicana truffles or the Tampanensis magic truffle. Are you an experience psychonaut ready for your next adventure? Then we have a few recommendations such as the Utopia, Nirwana, and the Hollandia magic truffles. In all cases it is very important that you make sure that you feel well and relaxed. In the unfortunate case that you do have a bad trip, then you can also buy our trip stopper. This decreases the intensity of the trip.

Microdosing in Italy

Did you know that it is possible to microdose with magic truffles? When microdosing, you use small amounts of magic truffle. In this case you don’t experience the psychoactive effects like hallucinating. However, you do get to experience the positive effects such as having extra energy or being able to think outside of the box. You can buy these magic truffles pre-weighed as well and we make sure we ship them to your doorstep in Italy!

Magic truffle shop with fast shipment to Italy

We deliver fresh products that you can easily buy online in our online smartshop. As soon as you buy your magic truffles online, then we make sure that we ship your magic truffles as soon as possible. The magic truffles themselves are vacuum-packed which means, that the shelf-life of magic truffles is extended. We do recommend that you consume the magic truffles as soon as possible when they arrive. This makes sure that you can enjoy the best quality of magic truffles in Italy!

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