Order your Magic truffles in France online

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Ordering magic truffles and shrooms in France is way easier then you think! In our web shop we have plenty of magic truffles, spores and growkits to choose. This means that you can order your magic truffles online in France. Our web shop is based in The Netherlands, the country that is also known as the capital of weed and psychedelics.

Culinary magic truffles

As most people know, is the flavor of magic truffles not the best. However, if used correctly you can actually use it for culinary purposes as well, with a nice bonus that you trip afterwards. This means that you can mask the flavor of the magic truffle. For example, you can make tea with it. Ore you can enjoy the magic truffles with chocolate. If you are curious we already wrote a blog about this subject. Please do note that if you are going to cook with the magic truffles, that you do not eat to much. The best you can get is when you don’t eat beforehand. This helps your stomach to break down the magic truffle so you can trip a bit faster and better as well.

Do Shrooms grow in France?

Magic truffles and shrooms do grow in the wild as it is a natural product and are basically the same as normal mushrooms and truffles. There actually a quite a few psychedelic shrooms and truffles that grow in the forests of France. These grow in more humid areas with a warmer climate. The best known one is the psilocybe semilanceata. They look a bit different than other shrooms but it is best not to pick them if you don’t have any experience. In some cases you can pick a poisonous shroom instead of a psychedelic one. In our web shop you can buy very potent shrooms and magic truffles so you don’t have to go to the French forests. We do ship a wide variety of magic mushrooms and truffles that you can order at home in France.

The medical uses of magic truffles

Not only in France but also in other countries, are there researches conducted about psilocybin, which is the psychedelic substance in magic truffles and shrooms. It is said that it possibly could help to treat depression and PTSD. However, we do recommend to never use magic truffles or shrooms alone. Always ask a friend to be a trip sitter just in case.

Another thing that is researched is the use of magic truffles for microdosing. In this case you use small amounts of magic truffles that enhance your problem solving skills but it also helps to boost your creativity. We do have a pre-weighed packs of microdosing truffles so you can perform better in your private, and professional life.

Order your magic truffles online France

As soon as you order your magic truffles, we make sure that we ship your magic truffles in a discrete package. This means that there are no stickers or logos of Drgrowkit on your box. The magic truffles are vacuum packed. This extends the life-span of the magic truffles. We do recommend that you eat your magic truffles as fast as possible so you can enjoy your adventure in the best way possible.

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