Love to go clubbing? Why do ravers love psychedelics?

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Clubbing and raving is one of the most fun things to do when having a day off. However, clubbing and raving can be physically and mentally exhausting. Some people need days to recover. Especially when having used drugs… Going out and clubbing till late in the night multiple times a month isn’t a good idea when working fulltime.

But what if you can experience similar effects such without the feeling of having a hangover for three days straight? Well then we have some good news for you! One of the new trends in raving is using psychedelics such as shrooms and magic truffles. If used in small amounts then you won’t hallucinate but everything does chance for a bit. Sounds and lights get more intense and people tend to get more talkative, laugh more and get more lose. And another upside is that you will also get more creative. Some feelings that you struggle with can be fixed as you are able to make different connections. All of the above is the perfect reason why shrooms and truffles are the perfect psychedelic to take during a rave or when clubbing.

Being California sober

The club and raving scene is well-known for taking pills and sniffing. A new trend is that people in the electronic music scene take natural drugs such as magic truffles and shrooms instead of synthetics. This phenomenon is called the California sober. This recent trend starts in the intellectual scene as there is more interest in the possibilities in psychedelics in health care. Small doses of shrooms or truffles and microdosing could possibly help fixing deep rooted problems when struggling with mental illnesses. Another thing that users learned is that you don’t have to use big amounts as tripping is not the goal. When using mesodoses or even microdoses you can experience effects such as feeling better, having more energy but also that your perception of the world changes. This experience is way better than when experiencing a peek with synthetic pills. A perfect change if you ask us.

Taking the shrooms before clubbing

Most users take the shrooms or magic truffles before going to the club. This means that you can enjoy a moment for yourself. As soon as the first effects kick in you can first think about what matters to you. Are you struggling with something, or how far do you want to go tonight? As you can make different connections, this is the perfect opportunity to learn something new about yourself or finding a solution. As soon as you get into the club with your friends, you might notice that you feel yourself better, more energetic and also being more talkative to people. The biggest advantage of psychedelics is that you don’t have a hangover the days after. This fits perfectly in being California sober. People want to be as productive as possible, but also have a healthy personal live. So how do you create the most efficient way of clubbing? The answer is easy: by using shrooms instead of synthetics or loads of alcohol.

Which shrooms should I choose?

There are many shrooms that can be used before going to club. In general we can say that it is best to use ‘social’ shrooms and truffles. These are the lighter truffles that won’t tuck you in. Great examples are Thai shrooms, B+ shrooms, Cambodian shrooms, Mazatapec shrooms and Mexican shrooms. Please make sure that you weigh down the shrooms before using them. This makes sure that the trip won’t be too intense and therefore perfect for clubbing!

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