Why are some shrooms colored blue?

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shrooms colored blue

As soon as you grow magic mushrooms, then you might notice that some shrooms, or the mycelium, could have some weird colors. White, yellow, green, black, and blue are one of the colors that you might notice when growing magic mushrooms with one of our shroom growkits. Today we will explain what the blue color in your growkit is, so you know if you can still eat them, but also if it is harmful to your precious growkit.

My magic mushrooms are colored blue! What now?

Finally, you have successfully grown your own shrooms! But what you notice now is that some of your shrooms are blue. This could be a mold, but in most cases is it a natural process that happens frequently with mushrooms containing psilocybin. Even though that happens very often, it is still a bit unclear for mycologists why shrooms get a blue color. But a widely accepted hypothesis is that the shrooms get blue due to oxidation. In other words, this means that the blue spots start to expand because the psychoactive substance (psilocybin) is broken down. This means that very blue shrooms are less strong because the psilocybin is broken down. But it still doesn’t mean that these shrooms don’t do what they do best: giving you an epic trip. A great example of very intense blue-colored shrooms is the Psilocybe Azurescens. This shroom contains a lot of psilocybin: 1,78% and about 0,38% psilocin and gets blue very fast. However, not every type of shroom gets blue and that doesn’t mean that they are less strong than their blue-colored counterparts. Another accepted hypothesis is that an enzyme in the shroom, but also in normal mushrooms, is responsible for the blue color.

What is very important is that you can identify the difference between intense blue-colored shrooms and black-colored shrooms. Shrooms with black spots can smell which means that they are rotten. Don’t ever eat these shrooms!

Can the mycelium get blue as well?

Not only the shrooms themselves could get blue, but also the mycelium can get blue. This is in most cases because the substrate gets oxidated, but also by being uncareful with your magic mushroom growkit. Most beginners think that the color blue means that their growkit is oxidated. You can easily recognize if your growkit is actually contaminated or oxidated. Rub carefully with a cotton swab over the contaminated parts. If the color gives off, then your mycelium is probably contaminated.

What kinds of invasive molds are blue?

When you work with fragile mycelium then you know that you have to work as carefully as possible. Contamination can have a lot of different colors such as black, blue, green, grey, and white. One of the molds that causes a blue color is called the Aspergillus. This mold spreads itself through the air. As soon as this mold settles itself in your beloved mycelium, then you might notice a grey-colored mold that looks a lot like shroom mycelium. The aspergillus versicolor can also have other colors such as blue, yellow, brown, green, and black. As soon as you notice this mold in your then you might notice a musty oil smell.

An invasive mold is basically a death sentence for your mycelium. Below, we give you a few tips that could help you to prevent contamination:

  • Clean yourself before working with your growkit.
  • Wear clean or sterile clothes.
  • Wear a mouth mask and gloves.
  • Sterilize substrates and the used grains
  • Use a sterile growkit
  • Only work with sterile tools
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