What you shouldn’t forget when growing magic mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms

As soon as you want to use shrooms, then you have to grow them yourself. Growing shrooms isn’t rocket science. However, there are a few points that a lot of people forget as soon as they start to grow shrooms. We have a few tips for you that you could use to increase flushes and to let your mycelium be more healthy.

Recognizing infection

Your precious mycelium is very fragile. This is why you always have to work as clean as possible to make sure your mycelium won’t mold. Even though shrooms are a fungi themselves, the mycelium can die if infected. This is why it is important to recognize the different types of molds.

Green, black, grey mold  

All these colors mean that there is another mold in the cake. Before you know it your whole cake is contaminated. Try to harvest what you can and start over.

Blue spots

Blue spots aren’t necessarily a bad thing. You can check this by using a cotton swab. Rub the cotton swab over the ‘infected’ spot. If the blue color gives off, your growkit is contaminated. If not, then these are just a few blue spots.

Check the humidity

Fungi love humidity. This means that your shrooms grow very well when growing in a humid environment of 90%. To reach this humidity you’ll need a growbag. This bag is always included when you buy a magic mushroom growkit in our online smartshop. Sometimes you can also increase it a bit by putting water in the growbag, which evaporates over time. You can also use a heating mat to increase heat.

Fresh air

Always open the bag a bit as soon as you see the first hats. The shrooms need the air to grow better. If the environment is warm and too dry it could lead that your growkit dries out. You can fix this by watering the substrate a bit with a plant sprayer.

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Your precious shrooms need light, just like every other plant. However, shrooms can’t cope big changes in temperatures. This is why you better don’t put the growkit in direct sunlight. Shrooms grow exceptionally well under blue sunlight. You can also increase the yield of magic mushrooms by doing this.


Lastly, the temperature is important as well to create the perfect circumstances for your shrooms. The optimal temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. In the ideal situation all day and night. This is also why it is easier to grow shrooms in the summer as you already have the perfect temperatures to grow your shrooms. During winter you can use a heating mat.

Harvest your shrooms in time

As soon as your shrooms are fully grown, then they will lose their spores. This means that all the spores will fall on your mycelium. This should be prevented at all costs as it means that your mycelium stops producing magic mushrooms.

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