Month: November 2023

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Drying Mushrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Drying and Preserving Your Homegrown Delights

If you’re cultivating magic mushrooms at home, mastering the art of drying them can greatly enhance your experience. Not only does drying preserve these fungi for longer use, but it also maintains their flavor and potency. In this extended guide, we delve into various drying techniques and storage tips to help you get the most…
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Seasonal Depression: What Is It and How Can Medicinal Mushrooms Help?

Seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a type of depression that comes and goes with the seasons, most often occurring during fall and winter. This blog explores what seasonal depression is and how medicinal mushrooms can play a role in its treatment. What is Seasonal Depression? Seasonal depression is a mental…
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