Why mycelium is important for magic mushrooms

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There is a whole world growing beneath the ground. Mycelium is an important network for nature as it turns death into life. When you grow magic mushrooms you have to know the term mycelium. We will explain in this blog everything about mycelium. 

What is the mycelium?

When you take care of mycelium from your growkit, you will grow healthy and sturdy mushrooms. The growkit contains mycelium which makes it able to grow magic mushrooms. The network of fungal threads (also called hyphae) of the certain type of magic mushroom you want to grow. In nature, mycelia can form underground or in a nutrient medium such as a rotten tree trunk. The mycelium will normally continue to spread through long threads. The magic mushrooms that grow above the ground are the fruit of the mycelium. If the mushrooms can’t sprout, will the mycelium store the nutrients. This will grow into a truffle. 

The function of the mycelium

The mycelium absorbs nutrients so the fungus can grow. Fungi break down organic materials such as leaves and fallen trees. The mycelium works in symbiosis with other plants for healthy soil. The mycelium filters the soil as well. Fungi themselves are also a source of food for insects and other animals The mycelium will also absorb nutrients from the nutrient medium (the substrate) in growkits. This allows your mushrooms to grow. The growkits of doctor growkit can be used multiple times as the substrate is full of nutrients. 

The growth of the mycelium

One spore is enough to grow mycelium. It forms threads that branch out and can grow up to 10 square kilometers! If there is no food in the center it will die in that specific area. However, as the mycelium grows it will find enough space to grow. 

Contamination with fungi or bacteria

Having an infestation in the mycelium can seriously ruin your mushroom culture. This can be caused by multiple factors. This is why it is very important to prevent this by working as hygienically as possible. Try to sterilize the environment and your tools well before you start working with your grow kit. Also, make sure you are clean yourself as much as possible. When you are going to work with the growkit, you have to work with gloves and a mouth mask. This can help you to prevent contamination. Also, make sure you wear clean clothing always make sure that pets can´t touch the growkit. Pets can contaminate the growkit as well. 

How do I recognize contamination? Contamination can be recognized by multiple factors. The color of the mycelium can change to blue or the fungus feels spongy. If you notice a strange smell, could it mean that the growkit is contaminated.

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