What are magic truffles?

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There are many varieties of truffles. You have exclusive winter truffles but also magic truffles. But where do they come from and what do they do? And lastly, how do they grow? We help you to learn more about magic truffles. Magic truffles grow underground and are a storage of the magic mushroom. The official name for magic truffles is sclerotia. A magic truffle will let you think differently and give you new insights into life. Magic truffles are available of all sorts. From very intense to mild truffles. We will explain everything about magic truffles in this blog.

Where do magic truffles come from?

Magic truffles grow underground. There is a fungus, called mycelium, growing underground. This is a white threadlike substance. This substance ensures that the mushrooms can grow. If there are nutrients stored underground they will be stored in a truffle. The nutrients will be used at a later time when it is possible to grow magic mushrooms. The truffle stores quite a lot of psilocybin. This causes you to trip when you consume magic truffles.

Not every mushroom is suitable for magic truffles

Not every (magic) mushroom is suitable to grow truffles. Only a few mushrooms in the world are suitable as a supplier of magic truffles. This is mainly due to the amount of psilocybin that has to be stored in the magic truffle. At a minimum, the mushrooms should contain psilocybin and psilocin. In the world, there are over 200 mag mushrooms. Yet only a handful can provide magic truffles. The psychoactive substances in the magic truffle provide trips, hallucinations, and laughing kicks. Always make sure you don’t consume too much as a bad trip can be experienced as scary. 

Which magic truffles can be purchased?

Many truffles can be purchased in our store. Below is a small list of magic truffles that you can buy in our store:

  • Amazonia Galindoi truffle
  • Hollandia magic truffle
  • Double visions magic truffles
  • Jalisco truffle
  • Nirwana magic truffle
  • Pajaritos magic truffles
  • Utopia Magic truffles
  • Atlantis magic truffles
  • Dragon dynamite 
  • Dutch dragons 
  • High Hawaiians 
  • Wizard truffles
  • Mexicana magic truffles
  • Mushrocks magic truffles
  • Tampanensis magic truffles

Various truffles are suitable for beginners and more experienced users. The amount you can take is between five to fifteen grams. The effects kick in after 45 minutes and a trip could take up to eight hours.

How to consume magic truffles

You can eat the magic truffle. Make sure you chew as long as possible on the magic truffle. You can also make tea out of the magic truffle. Heat some water and add the magic truffle. Wait for 20 minutes and your tea is ready to consume. 

What to do when I experience a bad trip? It is very important to stay as calm as possible. Ask a friend to stay sober when you consume magic truffles. The trip sitter can comfort you in case you experience a bad trip. You can buy a trip stopper. The trip stopper will help you to decrease the intensity of the trip. Lastly, make sure you don’t consume too much. As the trip takes a rather long time, make sure you take small amounts each time. This will decrease the chance of a bad trip.

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