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If you want to grow shrooms, then you will need a healthy mycelium. We provide strong and potent mycelium in a growkit. This growkit will be delivered with everything you need to grow shrooms. Just set the growkit up and you’re ready to go!

What is a All-in-one growkit?

Our all-in-one growkits are very strong and potent growkits. The all-in-one growkit are easy to set up and we have mycelium from various shrooms such as the strong McKennaii, The Golden Teacher and the social Thai shroom. The All-in-one growkit has been produced by McSmart. This producer has 21 years of experience in the market and knows exactly how they should produce an easy to use growkit with very strong mycelium. This growkit has a 95% success rate, which means that they will almost always grow shrooms if the instructions are followed.

How do I set up an psilocybin all-in-one shroom growkit?

The all-in-one growkit from McSmart is very easy to set up. In comparison to other growkits such as the 100% mycelium growkit it is a bit more work. However, the all-in one growkit grows generally more shrooms than other magic mushroom growkits. As always it is very important to work as clean as possible. This is why you should use grow supplies such as a mouth mask and gloves. Open the growkit and make some holes in the growkit with a clean fork. Fill the growkit with luke warm water and let it sit for about 1 hour. Strain off the water and pour some water in the growkit. The amount is dependant on the size of your psilocybin growkit. Put the kit in the growbag and fold the bag two times. As soon as you see the first heads in the growkit, then you should open the bag once a day and spray it with some water. Please note: make sure that you spray the growkit and not the shrooms!

What is the yield of the all-in-one shroom growkit?

All-in-one growkits are available in three sizes: 250, 1200 and 2100cc. all of these growkits have various yields. In general a 250 growkit grow about 100 grams of fresh mushrooms. The 1200cc up to 500 grams and the 2100cc even 900 grams of fresh and potent shrooms!

In the proper hands you can have multiple yields. Experienced shroom cultivators can have up to four flushes with one all-in-one psilocybin shroom growkit. If you have less experience, or maybe it is even your first time, then you can have two yields. It is very important to take good care of your mycelium. Follow the instructions on the package after using it and always remove all shrooms completely. This gives new shrooms place to grow. As always do make sure that you work clean and with the proper grow supplies.

What all-in-one growkit from McSmart suits me best?

What shroom is best for you differs per person and mostly on your experience with psychedelic products. If you don’t have any experience then you can best grow the B+ or Thai shroom. If you have some experience with psychedelics, then we recommend the Colombian and Cambodian shroom. If you are a true psychonaut then you can go for the strong McKennaii shroom growkit!

Can I grow shrooms without a growkit?

It is possible to grow shrooms yourself without a growkit. However, you do have to grow the mycelium yourself which could be hard for beginners and it can also be time consuming. If you have some experience with growing shrooms, then you can try to grow the shrooms with shroom spores. This can be quite fun and yields are bigger than with a growkit. If you want to grow shrooms as fast as possible, then you can better choose the growkits. These contain healthy mycelium and you can grow a supply of shrooms enough for a year full of tripping.

How do I store the all-in-one shroom growkit?

If you want to store the growkit, then you should do this in a clean fridge. It can happen that bad bacteria come in contact with the mycelium and could kill the mycelium. The growkit can be stored up to two months. However, we recommend to use the growkit as fast as possible.

Buy your psilocybin shroom growkit online

We have plenty of choice in shrooms. After you buy your shroom growkit online you can immediately start growing the shrooms. If you  have any questions, we would love to help you at!

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