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Cultivating your own shrooms can be an incredibly rewarding and fascinating endeavor, but it all starts with a healthy mycelium. We specialize in providing robust and potent mycelium within our all-in-one growkits, which are designed to simplify the mushroom cultivation process. These kits come complete with everything you need, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to embark on your shroom-growing journey.

What is an All-in-one Growkit?

Our all-in-one growkits are renowned for their strength and potency, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced growers. These kits contain mycelium from various shroom strains, including the powerful McKennaii, the enlightening Golden Teacher, and the sociable Thai shroom. They are meticulously produced by McSmart, a trusted name in the industry with 21 years of experience. McSmart’s expertise ensures that these growkits are user-friendly and feature exceptionally strong mycelium. In fact, these kits boast an impressive 95% success rate when the provided instructions are followed diligently.

Setting Up an All-in-one Shroom Growkit:

Setting up an all-in-one growkit is a straightforward process, though it may require a bit more effort compared to some other kits on the market. It is of utmost importance to maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the entire cultivation process. We recommend using protective gear such as a mouth mask and gloves to minimize the risk of contamination. To begin, open the growkit and use a clean fork to create holes in it. Then, fill the kit with lukewarm water and allow it to soak for approximately one hour. Once soaked, drain off any excess water and add an appropriate amount of water to the kit, depending on its size. Place the kit in the provided growbag and fold the bag over twice. As soon as you spot the first mushroom heads emerging, open the bag daily and lightly mist the kit with water. It is crucial to avoid spraying the mushrooms themselves during this process.

Yield of the All-in-one Shroom Growkit:

The all-in-one growkits are available in three sizes: 250cc, 1200cc, and 2100cc, each offering varying yields. Typically, a 250cc kit yields approximately 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, while the 1200cc kit can produce up to 500 grams, and the 2100cc kit can yield an astonishing 900 grams of fresh and potent shrooms! Experienced cultivators may even achieve multiple flushes from a single kit, with some managing up to four flushes. However, beginners should expect around two yields per kit. Properly caring for your mycelium and adhering to package instructions, including the complete removal of all shrooms, is essential for encouraging new growth. Maintaining a clean environment and using appropriate grow supplies is also crucial to maximize your success.All-in one

Choosing the Right All-in-one Growkit:

Selecting the ideal shroom strain depends on personal preferences and your level of experience with psychedelic substances. For newcomers to the world of psychedelics, the B+ or Thai shroom is recommended. Those with some experience may find the Colombian or Cambodian shroom more suitable, offering a slightly more intense experience. If you consider yourself a true psychonaut seeking a powerful journey, the McKennaii shroom growkit is the perfect choice!

Growing Shrooms Without a Growkit:

While it is entirely possible to grow shrooms without a growkit, it’s worth noting that this method involves cultivating the mycelium from scratch, which can be challenging for beginners and time-consuming. For those with some experience, growing shrooms from spores can be an enjoyable and rewarding process, often resulting in larger quantities of mushrooms compared to using a growkit. However, if your goal is to grow shrooms quickly and with minimal effort, especially if you’re looking to amass a substantial supply of shrooms for future use, then growkits are undoubtedly the preferred option. These kits come with healthy mycelium, eliminating the need for you to initiate the cultivation process from scratch.

Storing Your All-in-one Shroom Growkit:

When it comes to storing your growkit, it’s essential to maintain a clean and sterile environment to prevent any potential contamination that could harm the mycelium. Storing the kit in a clean fridge is recommended, as it can help ensure the longevity of the mycelium. Keep in mind that these kits can be stored for up to two months, but it is advisable to use them as soon as possible to maximize the chances of a successful harvest.

Purchase Your Psilocybin Shroom Growkit Online:

We offer a wide range of shroom strains for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your purchase online, you can immediately begin the exciting process of growing your own shrooms. If you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to have a successful and enjoyable mushroom cultivation experience.enjoyable mushroom

The Psychedelic Experience:

Growing your own mushrooms not only provides you with a sense of accomplishment but also allows you to embark on a unique and enlightening journey. Psychedelic experiences can be profound and transformative, offering insights into the inner workings of your mind and the universe as a whole. It’s essential to approach these experiences with respect, mindfulness, and a willingness to explore the depths of your consciousness.

The Importance of Responsible Use:

Before delving into the world of psychedelics, it’s crucial to educate yourself about the substances you’ll be consuming and their potential effects. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms, often referred to as “magic mushrooms,” have been used for centuries by various cultures for spiritual and healing purposes. However, their use should always be approached responsibly and with a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits.

The Role of Set and Setting:

When planning a psychedelic journey, the concepts of “set” and “setting” are paramount. “Set” refers to your mindset, including your emotional state, intentions, and expectations. It’s essential to approach the experience with a positive and open mindset, free from anxiety or negative emotions. “Setting” relates to your physical environment. Choose a safe, comfortable, and familiar space where you can relax and feel secure during your journey. Creating the right set and setting can significantly enhance the quality of your psychedelic experience.

The Journey Within:

A psychedelic trip can take you on a profound inner journey, often characterized by vivid visuals, altered perceptions of time and space, and a heightened sense of interconnectedness with the universe. It’s not uncommon to experience a range of emotions, from euphoria and bliss to introspection and, occasionally, moments of discomfort or anxiety. These emotional fluctuations are part of the psychedelic experience and can lead to valuable insights and personal growth.

Integration and Aftercare:

After your psychedelic journey, it’s essential to engage in a process known as integration. This involves reflecting on and making sense of the experiences and insights gained during the trip. Integration can help you apply what you’ve learned to your daily life, fostering personal growth and positive changes. It’s also crucial to have a support system in place, whether it’s friends, family, or a therapist, to discuss your experiences and emotions.

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