How do I build my own shroom growkit?

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As soon as you have experienced several trips with shrooms, you might consider bringing your shroom farming skills to the next level. You are going to build your own magic mushroom mycelium that you can use to farm shrooms. The major upside is that you have higher yields in comparison to growing shrooms with a ready-to-use growkit. To make your own mycelium you’ll have to use a shroom spore syringe. This syringe contains millions of spores that can colonize up to six liters of substrate. We will explain in this blog how you build your own fruiting chamber so you can enjoy higher yields.

What is a fruiting chamber and why do I need it to grow shrooms?

A fruiting chamber for shrooms is nothing more than a space in which you grow the shrooms. A fruiting chamber can be made from glass, but you can also build one yourself. You can buy this ready-made but you can also build it yourself. To build one you have to buy a transparent plastic container with a lid. The biggest plus when using plastic is that it is easier to create a fruiting chamber with high humidity. In the plastic storage container, you can make small holes in it so fresh air can get in. If you are going to drill the holes, you can best build a raster pattern of 5 centimeters on all sides. The holes themselves have to be small: about 5 to 6 millimeters. Afterward, you’ll have to fill the container with perlite. This will be the feeding ground for your shrooms. Perlite is the perfect soil. Perlite is nothing more than a volcanic mineral that is very good at absorbing water, which causes the water to evaporate evenly. Now add water to the perlite. If you notice that there comes water out of the container, then you have used too much water.

Lastly, elevate the container a bit so the air can go through all holes. Now your fruiting chamber for your shroom spores is ready to use.

A few extra tips for your magic mushroom fruiting chamber

Just like our ready-to-use magic mushroom growkit, you might notice that both work the same. This means that you have to spray the perlite regularly as soon as you start the grow the mycelium. The best way to do this is to spray the kit with a plant spray. The ideal temperature differs per shroom, always check this before you start to colonize the perlite. You can do this with a thermometer. Lastly, just like all other plants need shrooms light. This means that you have to make sure that your shrooms get enough light. Please make sure that the fruiting chamber gets enough light. However, too much light or direct sunlight is bad as it gets too hot in the fruiting chamber. We recommend therefore using artificial light, as it’s much softer than direct sunlight.

Need shrooms fast?

If you want your shrooms as fast as possible then we recommend buying a ready-to-use growkit. This growkit contains already healthy and potent mycelium to grow the shrooms. This way you save a lot of time: about four weeks! Do you need more help? We would love to help you.

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