How to order magic truffles in Poland?

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Even though Poland has immense forests that inhabit many species of (magic) truffles and shrooms, then it still can be hard to find them. They can look like other species of mushrooms. If you don’t have much knowledge about mushrooms then we recommend finding another way to get your magic truffles in Poland. If you are looking for magic truffles in Poland, then we have some good news for you! We ship magic truffles, truffles for microdosing, and growkits for shrooms to you in Poland!

Ordering magic truffles online in Poland

Ordering your shrooms online on our webshop is much safer than buying them on the streets or harvesting them in the forests. Our webshop is based in the Netherlands which means that we can sell magic truffles and also growkits to grow shrooms. After you order your shrooms or magic truffles in Poland, then we make sure we will send them as fast as possible and discrete to you. Our magic truffles are vacuum sealed. This means that they are shipped safely and don’t get contaminated during the trip to your house. We ship to Łódź, Kraków, Warszawa and Wielkopolskie just to name a few cities that we ship to. After shipment, you can store the magic truffles in the fridge but you can use the magic truffles immediately.

What magic truffle should I buy in Poland?

We sell many species magic truffles. Some magic truffles are more potent than others. This means that you have to choose the magic truffle that suits you. If you have experienced countless of trips with magic truffles then you will choose a stronger magic truffle, than when you don’t have much experience. If you aren’t experienced with using magic truffles then we recommend a lighter magic truffle such as the Mexicana truffle. If you are very experienced then you can choose a very strong magic truffle such as the Nirwana magic truffle. If you don’t know what magic truffle you should choose you can also e-mail us. We would love to help you so you can enjoy the best magic truffle trip at home in Poland.

Fresh magic mushrooms in Poland

We also have growkits with very potent mycelium which can be shipped to you in Poland as well. The growkits contain everything that you need to grow huge quantities of shrooms. Some yields can get as a kilo per growkit if you are experienced in growing magic shrooms. If you don’t feel like growing your own shrooms, then we recommend you buy magic truffles. They are vacuum-packed and can’t get contaminated during shipment to you in Poland. After receiving them we recommend using them as fast as possible to enjoy the best trip possible.

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