Which magic truffles can I buy in Germany?

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magic truffles Germany

Everyone should have experienced a trip with magic truffles at least once in their life. Because how can you know that you don’t like tripping if you haven’t tried it? Magic truffles help you to learn new things about yourself and they could help you to become a better person. If it is your first time using magic truffles then you could get overwhelmed by the number of magic truffles that you can buy in Germany. As your supplier of magic truffles in Germany we would love to deliver fresh magic truffles to you in Berlin, Kalsruhe, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and many more cities in Germany.

Which magic truffle should I choose?

If you haven’t ever had the luck to try magic truffles then you should learn that each magic truffle differs in intensity. This is due to the amount of psilocybin in the magic truffle that causes the trip. If you are a beginning user then we recommend that you order a magic truffle in Germany that has rather low dose psilocybin. Great examples of magic truffles for beginners are magic truffles such as the Atlantis, Tampanensis and Mexicana truffle. These are very fun truffles, to begin with and don’t cause intense trips. Some trips get too intense which causes you to go ‘bad’, which means that you panic and get frightened. In this case, you could get comforted by a trip sitter or you can use a trip stopper.

Buying medium and strong truffles in Germany

If you already have some experience with psychedelics like magic truffles and shrooms you can also order magic truffles that are a bit stronger in Germany. We ship magic truffles to you in every city in Germany like Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Kalsruhe, Munich, and many more cities. If you are experienced we recommend stronger truffles such as the Mushrocks and Pajaritos truffles. Then there is the last sort of magic truffle user: the one that can even use the strongest of truffles to feel like a shaman from an ancient tribe. This user can use very strong truffles with high amounts of psilocybin such as the Nirwana, Pink Paradise, Double Vision and Dutch Dragons magic truffles.

Do magic truffles grow in Germany?

Did you know that magic truffles grow everywhere in the world? Magic truffles can be found in the wild in Germany. However, these magic truffles can be very hard to find and you could mix up a poisonous species of mushrooms with magic truffles. This could have very bad consequences. Our magic truffles are grown in a controlled environment. This means that we can grow potent magic truffles for you so you can get the best trip possible. So what are you waiting for? You are only a few clicks away from the best magic truffle experience. As soon as you order, we make sure that you get your magic truffles within a few days in a discrete package. After receiving it you can enjoy tripping on magic truffles in Germany!

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