How to cook with magic truffles and shrooms

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Everyone that has eaten magic truffles or shrooms in their lives knows that the flavour is rather strong. Some users say that shrooms and magic truffles taste earthy and sometimes even metal-like. Just like you are about to eat some dirt.  Some find is so intense that they can’t even swallow the truffles. If you still want to eat them to enjoy intense trips, then we have the solution for you! You can cook with the shrooms and magic truffles, so you can make them delicious.

What are the advantages if you cook with shrooms and magic truffles?

One of the biggest pros of cooking with magic truffles and shrooms is that you can mask the flavour of them. If you want very intense trips with magic truffles and shrooms, then you have to eat them on an empty stomach. If you are going to cook with magic truffles and shrooms, especially when you make a full meal, then you will experience lighter trips. Another extra is that this decreases the nausea, that some experience after eating shrooms.

Influences cooking the shrooms and magic truffles the flavour

As said the trip could be less intense after you eat magic truffles and shrooms. The psychoactive substance in shrooms and truffles is psilocybin. If this substance get in touch with temperatures warmer than 72,5 degrees Celsius, then it gets broken down. If you are going to cook with them, then you have to make sure that you don’t put them in cooking water or in a pan that’s too hot.

What flavours can be used when you cook with shrooms and truffles?

If you are going to cook with shrooms and truffles then there are some flavours that can be used in combination with them. Some of these flavours are already used by the Aztecs to prepare shrooms and truffles. That having said is chocolate and cacao perfect to use when you are going to cook. Another flavour that is very good as masking the flavour is ginger. The flavour is quite intense and can be used in, for example, a tea. Acids such as lemon, limes and vinegars combines quite good as well. Lastly, sweeteners such sugar and honey can be used as well. This will mask the flavour and helps you to get extra energy that you’ll need during the trip.

Some shroom and magic truffle recipes

Truffle or shroom tea

The easiest way to prepare shrooms is making tea out of them. You have to cook some water and wait until the water is colder than 72,5 degrees Celsius. Then you add the psychedelic treat and some ginger. Wait for 20 minutes and you can enjoy a delicious tea!

Shroom chocolate

Aztecs already used chocolate to mask the flavour of shrooms. This recipe is quite easy as well! You’ll only have to melt some chocolate (white, milk or pure). However, we do recommend to use pure chocolate. Melt the chocolate in the microwave. You can also cut the chocolate and put them in a glass bowl. Set the bowl above some cooking water and stir until the chocolate has melted. Lastly, you’ll have to add the shrooms or magic truffles. Pour the chocolate in a chocolate bar and wait until the chocolate has cooled down!

Shroom salad

This recipe is very easy! You can even buy a ready to eat salad bowl in the supermarket and add the shrooms! However, you can also make the salad yourself like this recipe.

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