What are medicinal mushrooms?

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medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms are eaten for ages by humans. Some for its flavour and some for its medicinal properties. Most of the medicinal mushrooms we know today are discovered in ancient China and are used in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Today we explain why medicinal mushrooms could be good for you and why could possibly give your health an extra boost!

Medicinal mushrooms under the microscope

All medicinal mushrooms have one thing in common: they all contain a full spectrum of polysaccharides and then in particular beta-glucans. This substance could give your immune system a boost because of the structure of the medicinal mushroom. The basis structure that is seen in medicinal mushrooms and also other mushrooms such as shiitakes has a 1,3- 1,6 structure. This gives you immune system a boost and could possibly help against various diseases.

Some examples of great medicinal mushrooms

In traditional Chinese medicine there are many species of medicinal mushrooms. Some work better than others. We sell some medicinal mushrooms that could possibly help to give your immune system a boost!


Cordyceps is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms. The cordyceps was mostly harvested in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal. The cordyceps feed themselves on leaving creatures such as spiders, caterpillars and other small insects living in the mountains. The cordyceps can be eaten for its energetic effects. Most users say, that they feel themselves better, after using the medicinal mushroom for a while. The mushrooms helps to improve the blood circulations and could possibly help against various respiratory complaints.


Chaga isn’t really a traditional Chinese medicine, but has been used for ages in Russia. The mushroom contains the substance betulinic which works antiviral. It could help your body to have an healthy cell division and gives your immune system a boost.


The Chinese word for the Reishi mushroom is “Lingzhi” which means mushroom of immortality and is also known as the king of all medicinal mushrooms. The reishi medicinal mushroom contains several beta-glucans that helps you to feel yourself more vital. The traditional Chinese medicine could possibly help to reduce stress and stimulates the blood circulation.

Lion’s mane

Lion’s mane is a medicinal mushrooms that, you have guessed it, looks like a lion’s mane. The medicinal mushroom is also known as the bearded tooth fungus. This medicinal mushroom could be used to reduce the stress levels in your body. It might also help when you struggle with some diabetes symptoms. This mushrooms contain threitol, arabitol and helps your body to balance the sugar levels in your body and also might help when having stomache problems.

Turkey tail

This mushrooms looks a bit like a turkey tail and is also known as the Coriolis versicolor. This beautiful medicinal mushrooms is full of antioxidants and could possibly help to combat various viruses in your body. The turkey tail medicinal mushrooms mostly works anti-viral and could work as a preventive agent. The medicinal mushroom could give your immune system a boost.

An extra note when using medicinal mushrooms

Please always consult a doctor when you want to use medicinal mushrooms. Especially when you are under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding or experiencing other health problems. Always check with your doctor if some ingredients in the medicinal mushrooms could be harmful.

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