Magic truffle guide for the USA

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Magic truffle guide usa

Magic truffles are natural fungi that grow everywhere in the world including in most of the states of the USA. You can still enjoy magic truffles with your friends and experience unique trips with magic truffles such as Nirwana, Utopia and even Dutch truffles. You can order all these magic truffles in our web shop and we ship it to you in the USA.

What are magic truffles

Magic truffles are basically the Sclerotia, which is a compact mass of hardened mycelium containing food reserves. This helps the mycelium to survive in extreme circumstances. We have found a way to create such circumstances for the mycelium that it is not optimal for magic mushrooms and thus better for the formation of psilocybin sclerotia. Both magic truffle and magic mushroom contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin which causes you to trip. Both magic truffles and mushroom can be used with your friends in all states of the USA.

Buying magic truffles online in the USA

It is very easy to buy our magic truffles online in the USA. Dr. Growkit is based in the Netherland and we ship the magic truffles to you in the USA as soon as you order. You can take a look in our web shop and order all kinds of magic truffles such as the strong Hollandia and Nirwana magic truffle but also the more easy going Jalisco truffle. Prepare yourself for an intense trip with our magic truffles. When we have shipped the magic truffles to you, in a discrete package, then you should create a chill environment for you and your friends.

How to prepare for magic truffles?

Your first time using magic truffles can be very exciting. It is therefore very useful to have some tips to enjoy the best American magic truffle trip. Always make sure that you consume magic truffles on an empty stomach. This helps your body to make it more easy to process the psilocybin in the magic truffle. Don’t drink alcohol, caffein or use drugs when you use magic truffles.

Also try to create a chill environment for you and your friends. We also recommend to have a trip sitter. This person stays sober and could comfort you as soon as you have a bad trip. If this is going to be your first time using magic truffles in America then we recommend to use beginner truffles such as the Atlantis or Mexicana truffle. This is perfect for beginning psychonauts.

How long do magic truffles last?

We ship our magic truffles fresh to you. As soon as you receive your discrete package in the USA we recommend to use the magic truffles as soon as possible. Magic truffles can best be stored in the fridge and should last up to a month in a fridge between two and five degrees Celsius.

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