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Mondo is one of the best producers of magic mushroom growkits. The growkits are very easy to set up and has one of the biggest yields of all of our growkits. We have a wide variety of shrooms that you can easily grow with our Mondo growkits!

How do I set up my psilocybin magic mushroom Mondo growkit?

Our Mondo growkit contains everything that you need to grow magic shrooms. The growkit contains a paperclip, growbag and mycelium. The Mondo growkit are sold in the size 1200cc. This is to grow 300 to 600 grams of shrooms. Experienced mushroom cultivators can increase their yields by growing shrooms up to four times. This means that you have enough shrooms for more then a year!

The Psilocybin magic mushrooms Mondo growkit is very easy to set up. It is always very important to work as clean as possible. Use a mouth mask and gloves when you work with your Mondo growkit. You can buy these grow supplies easily in our web shop. When you set up the growkit you have to soak the mycelium with lukewarm water. After 12 hours you can discard the water. Fill the growbag with 150ml water and fold the growbag twice. After a week you should see the first pins coming up. Topen the bag once a day and spray the growkit with some water. As soon as the mushrooms are fully grown you can remove the shrooms, so you can make place for extra shrooms.

How many yields can I get with my Mondo psilocybin magic shrooms?

Beginning mushroom growers can get two yields. As soon as you are a bit more experienced you can get up to four flushes. Please do make sure that you take care of the growkit and store it accordingly. Another tip is to remove all shrooms as soon as they are fully grown or when they quit growing. This way they can make extra room for new shrooms.

What shrooms are the best choice for me?

The best choice of shrooms depends on the experience that you have with psychedelics such as magic truffles and shrooms. If you have never used magic mushrooms, then the B+ and the Mexican shroom are a great choice for you. If you are a true psychonaut and you have plenty of experience with tripping and hallucinating then you can go for the Hawaiian and the McKennaii shroom. If you aren’t sure which shroom suits you best, you can always contact us. We would love to help you finding the right shroom for you! Do you want something else? We have plenty of magic truffles for you to try. A trip with them is a bit different even though they are fungi as well.

Can I store my Mondo growkit for a while before using it?

It is possible to store your magic mushroom growkit for a while. You can store the growkit in the fridge at a temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius. Please note that the fridge has to be very clean. As soon as bad bacteria get in contact with the mycelium of the growkit, then the chance is very big that the mycelium dies. We recommend to start growing shrooms as fast as possible. As soon as the shrooms are fully grown, then you can dry them. Dry shrooms can be stored for ages, if they are stored properly.

Do I have to use a psilocybin magic mushroom growkit?

You don’t always have to use a magic mushroom growkit. You can also grow them yourself. In this case you have to make a substrate for the mushrooms. We can supply this substrate for you as well as the spores that you need to grow the shrooms. Colonising substrate can take a while. If you want to have the shrooms as fast as possible, we recommend to buy a growkit. The mycelium is strong and potent and within two weeks you can enjoy your homegrown magic mushrooms!

Buy your magic mushroom Mondo growkit online at!

we have a wide variety of shrooms for you to chose. If you need any help, you can contact us at We would love to find the best fit for you. You can also buy grow supplies in our web shop that make the growth process easier. As soon as you order your magic mushroom Mondo growkit online, then we will ship the Mondo growkit as fast as possible in a discrete package.

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