The newest trend in Italy: microdosing with magic truffles

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More and more experts are doing research on the effects of microdosing and the use of psychedelics for beneficial effects in Italy and surrounding countries. Psychedelics like shrooms and magic truffles tend to have beneficial effects on mental health. This means that there is much more to psychedelics than just tripping and thus for recreational use. Smaller doses could help you to perform better in life. A study in 2019 has even shown that people were performing better at creativity, happiness, productivity, and mindfulness. We’ll explain more about microdosing Italy in this blog.

What is microdosing?

Magic truffles are mainly used for microdosing in Italy. Magic truffles are very easy to get the right doses that you’ll need to microdose with psychedelics. You don’t have to weigh down your own magic truffles. We sell in our smart shop special microdosing magic truffles for you in Italy. The microdoses of magic truffles don’t give you psychoactive effects, which means that you don’t trip. However, you will notice that the magic truffles have effects on your daily performance. For example, it might, improve your creativity, mindfulness, and happiness and helps you to give more energy. As you might see the effects are rather subtle, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t feel anything. If you don’t feel the effects, try to write down what you feel. You might notice that you feel better on the days that you take the microdoses of magic truffles.

Which psychedelics are used for microdosing?

As we have said earlier you can use psychedelics for microdosing. Below you can see what the most used psychedelics are for microdosing in Italy:

  1. Magic mushrooms or truffles: shrooms and truffles contain psilocybin which is the best-known psychedelic for magic truffles.
  2. LSD: LSD is used to gain more focus and creativity and is therefore loved for microdosing
  3. DMT: Microdosing with DMT has been done for centuries and is mainly known to improve your mood.

How much magic truffle do I need for microdosing?

 Magic truffles and shrooms can both be used for microdosing. When you are going to use magic truffles, we recommend buying pre-weighed magic truffles as it can be hard to cut down magic truffles as they are rather hard. You can buy these easily in our Italian web shop for microdosing. If you want to use shrooms then it is best to use dried shrooms. To microdose, you’ll need about 0,15-0,3 grams. If you have to get extra creative then you’ll 0,5 to 1 gram. Before you try this at work, we recommend trying this at home as a dose for tripping is 2-3 grams.

How do I know that I use too much?

If you weigh down your own magic truffles for microdosing, then there is a chance that you use too much. This means that you’ll notice some light hallucinogenic effects. This dose is very easy to weigh down. Start with a higher dose than a normal microdose. If you are feeling extra effects, then you’ll know that that is too much. Always try these experiments on days off, as you’ll notice some hallucinogenic effects. Afterward, you can try lower doses to find what amounts work best for you.

Can I build a tolerance for microdosing?

As soon as you’ll buy our micro-dosing truffles in Italy, then you can ask yourself if you can build a tolerance for magic truffles. The answer is yes, and you’ll have to pause once in a while. For example, you can microdose for 3 weeks and have a pause week afterward.

A few extra tips when microdosing

We also have a few tips for you when you are going to microdose. You can consider these as recommendations.

  • Every psychedelic works differently, so make sure what drug works best for you and what effects you’ll want.
  • Buy safe psychedelics on trustworthy webshops
  • Set a goal with what you want to achieve with microdosing. Extra productivity? Improving your mood? Try to write this down
  • Write everything down in a diary. The effects of microdosing could be rather subtle. This means that you can best write down what you feel so you’ll know that you achieve your set goal.
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